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    Reading hundreds of writing service reviews on the Internet, I have found that students’ opinions differ a lot. The same platform may be described as “a scam” or “the best writing service ever.” Now, I want to share with you my experience of dealing with a famous writing service 123HelpMe.com. When you read 123HelpMe reviews, you may find that the platform has both weak and strong points. The service provides nearly 2,000,000 essays and other documents that assist students in performing their researchers. The service started to work more than seven years ago, and now it helps students from around the world. The first thing that has attracted me to ask for help in this service is that it proposes a fresh idea for writing academic papers. It does not offer you the opportunity to order a different article written from scratch. It provides an organized database of all free essays available online students may use. Hence, when I accessed the papers available on the website, I got a great source of inspiration and decided to describe it in my essay review service. The essay service stores can easily inspire your writing. Like any other writing service, 123HelpMe.com also has some weak points. I needed only recent data for my paper. However, it was hard to tell when exactly the documents available on 123HelpMe.com were written.


    Nevertheless, it was not a problem for me to check the relevance of the data. Unlike many other writing services, it is legal for students to use information from the website while performing one’s research. The only rule one should follow is to consider the choices he or she makes carefully.

    Service & Design – 123helpme review

    The tools 123helpme.com offers me are super-fast and straightforward to use. I use them every time I should write my essays.  The writing tools and essay examples indeed help me get my paper started and finished. I like especially the color classification system that organizes information with similar characteristics. When I see red colors, I know that this information is beneficial for my essay and I should pay attention to it. Information in orange color lets me know that I should be cautious with the information I will see as it may have some grammar, spelling, or other writing problems. When I look at the details in green, I know that it is a brilliant and very reliable source for my paper, and I may use it as the foundation for my future writing. The delivery of my text on time was not a problem as well as I can access the available documents in a few seconds, and these documents stimulate my writing process significantly. 123HelpMe.com has never disappointed me. The way I connect with the support is mainly through the e-mail. For sure, it could be much more comfortable if chat support would be available. However, every time I send them an e-mail I know that I will get an answer.  Customer service team assisted me with all my concerns. So, you do not need to worry about it.

    Guarantees and Safety

    123HelpMe is a guaranteed, safe platform for all your writing needs. We can say this because students from all over the world use the service. It has been used to help with over 2 million essays and assignments. It has been running for more than seven years, which is proof that it is a reliable service. However, there is one significant drawback; the platform offers zero to minimal customer support.

    If you’re worried about the quality of the essays, don’t be! The essays are safe to purchase and use because they’re written by professionals. Many essays were written years ago, but still carry significant relevance today.

    The website is a guaranteed high-quality platform that has one sole purpose: to provide academics and learners with the reference resources they need. The website’s “guarantees” section explicitly states, “Great guarantees from the best essay writing company. We guarantee high-quality original papers on time, fair prices, and 100% satisfaction – or a full refund.” However, there have been cases of users facing refund problems due to customer service. Still, the website itself guarantees customer satisfaction with a decent return policy.

    Making online purchases on the website are also safe, and chances of credit card fraud are slim.

    Price & Discounts of 123helpme.com

    The thing I also like about this service is that prices are affordable or don’t exist at all. Can you believe in it? You will not find a cost per page as other services which offer unique and new papers. Besides, The Internet Fraud Complaint Center (IFCC) would show you if somebody wanted to charge a price for a text which is already available for free. It makes 123HelpMe.com even more amazing, does not it?

    The users may also find a lot of pages of original research without any charge. Besides, I have enjoyed many other free tools and services available making 123helpme.com review. When I use free essays the service offers as my source for writing; I can pay only for the extra 100 words to get a longer paper. However, in case I have got enough ideas to write my future essay, I do not need to pay to gain full access to a text. Talking honestly, I have expected for a long time to find something like that, and now this writing service is the first source I use to complete my assignments.

    123helpme reviews faq

    Quality Of Writing by 123helpme

    Using 123HelpMe.com, I have never been disappointed with the quality of writing the service provides compared to Homeworkwriter.com (read my Homeworkwriter review). I have used their help on numerous occasions, and they have always helped me. For sure, the service requires one’s analytical and critical thinking. It is not enough to paraphrase the documents you will access to get the highest mark. However, the positive thing about this writing service is that it carefully selects the documents before uploading it to the website. All essays are written by English-speaking professional writers that have a vast knowledge of different subjects. Doing so, 123HelpMe.com can deliver compositions on any topic, and one may take a lot of great ideas from it to write own excellent essays.

    Payment Options

    123HelpMe offers free of cost resources as well as paid ones. Previously, the available resources on the website were marked in distinct colors. The red ones were free, whereas the rest were available at a price. The price for each document would vary depending on a list of factors, like writer expertise, topic, and quality.

    Recently, the payment system has seen a significant paradigm shift. Now, there are no free essay papers anymore. The new system demands users to pay a monthly subscription fee to gain access to the site’s online resource library. Here are the price listings:

    • Monthly Plan – $29.95 per month
    • Yearly Plan- $9.95 per month
    • Middle Plan (Quarterly Payment) – $59.95 per month for three consecutive months

    These prices may be higher than what most students are willing to pay. Yet, it’s undeniable that the amount of data and resources the website is providing makes it well worth the cost. Imagine having over 2 million reference essays, dissertations, articles, and more at the tip of your fingers. How powerful!

    Hence, we see that the subscription is not all that expensive, especially the yearly plan, which comes down to just under $10 a month.

    123helpme Reviews

    There is an insane amount of product and service reviews about 123HelpMe online, and all of them have something different to say. A simple Google search will yield hundreds of pages claiming to provide in-depth descriptions about what 123HelpMe is all about. However, many of these websites contain old data that was in line with the older version of the academic help platform, referring to prices and policies from before it took a massive stance-shift.

    People have a lot to say about the current version of 123HelpMe. The general perspective is that while some people find it expensive, those who pay a yearly or quarterly fee find it remarkably reasonable. Let’s not forget that this site provides an excessive amount of resources on virtually every topic, making it an excellent resource library for students everywhere. Some people also claim the website promotes plagiarism, which is not true.

    However, users in the past may have plagiarized content from site’s resources. This, in turn, sometimes shows up as plagiarism when newer users quote the same sentences from the documents in their essays. Many individuals mistakenly assume the available essays are theirs to take, but this is not the case. It is merely a reference website-albeit an excellent one.

    In general, users appreciate the expansive library of references and cite it as one of the best features of the platform. Imagine searching up one keyword and yielding hundreds of impressive essays, just like that. Not to mention, most of the essays were written by experienced professionals, if not all. For this reason, genuine users say it’s a great reference website with essays that can be used as sources or bibliography for their self-written essays.

    Is 123HelpMe Legit?

    In simple terms: yes, 123HelpMe is a legitimate platform. It has a substantial variety of essays that would be difficult to find anywhere else. With over seven years of operation under their belt, this is a remarkable site that has bred thousands of satisfied clients.

    Again, some claim there is an issue with plagiarism. However, users who make such claims must understand that 123HelpMe is not an essay shop, but a resource library meant for research purposes. The original essays present on the site are and always will be owned by their original writers. Credits cannot be transferred.

    As professionals wrote the essays, chances of actual plagiarism in them are low. The only possible explanation is that older users have stolen essays from 123HelpMe and uploaded them on individual online locations elsewhere, which is why some essays may turn up in a plagiarism checker.

    Save for this one, unremarkable detail, 123HelpMe is a legit and safe website to register with. There have also been no heard-of cases involving credit card fraud, which is an excellent bonus! In the digital world, where all payments are made online, payment safety is essential, so it’s good to know that this site has never been associated with direct fraud assistance.

    Delivery from 123helpme

    The first thing you do not need to worry about is delivery. The database consists of nearly 2,000,000 essays and other documents. When I need quick help, only this service can provide it for me in a few seconds. Besides, it has a well-organized list of topics available on the website, so you need not spend hours looking for a needed essay if your deadline is coming to an end.


    • Website. Easy to use the site, students can easily find the desired topic.
    • Discounts. The company does not offer discounts to customers.
    • Price. Quite affordable prices for students, many works are available for free.
    • Delivery. Access to free documents opens quickly, for paid students need to wait for a little.


    • Service Quality. The company has no customer support.
    • Quality of work. The quality of the tasks does not bode well for obtaining an excellent mark, and it needs some editing on your own.

    My Verdict

    Hear ye, hear ye: the verdict for 123HelpMe is out! 123HelpMe is excellent for people who want a good reference library. Finding relevant essays is easier on this site than in an old, dusty library thanks to the speed that modern technology offers. Using an online reference library is undoubtedly better than a physical one. There’s a lesser hassle involved, and timings are flexible.

    In terms of payments, I feel 123HelpMe is pretty reasonable when paid for yearly or even every three months. However, subscribing for the one month package can prove to be quite costly, and I would not recommend paying that much.

    In conclusion, though, 123HelpMe is safe, reliable, and generally affordable. If you’re a student who plans on using it for sources and references only, it’s certainly an investment worth making.


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