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    6dollaressay.com is a good essay writing service that offers its help with writing tasks. It is very popular among students as far as the price is quite adorable. Such a cheap essay writing service turns out to be a helping hand for those students, who cannot cope with their home assignments or have lack of time. Apart from adorable prices, it also claims to have skilled experts in their team, who do their best to deliver to you paperwork of high quality.

    When I received my home assignment, I realized that I needed an essay help. So, I was looking for a writing service that would be suitable for me. I came across this one and decided to share my opinion concerning it. Here is my 6dollaressay review.

    Service & Design – 6dollaressay review

    The first thing that caught my eye was the design of the writing service web-page. It distinguishes itself among other services due to its vivid colors and modernity. The similar design on Essaytiger.com (read my Essaytiger review). It is easy and simple in use, which makes it possible for a user to operate the web page quickly. When it comes to service, it has plenty of paper works to offer its clients, among them not only essays but also research papers, course papers and other kinds of papers common for secondary education. In most countries, secondary education refers to the years of junior and high school, so this service is more suitable for school students. However, the writing service ensures that it has a team of skilled professionals, so if you are a university student, you may give it a try.

    The process of making order here is quite different than on other writing websites. I signed up and made an order. In case you don’t have a customer login, you may click “Order now,” and all you have to do is to fill in personal and order details. Order details include the number of pages, the academic level, the area of the subject and so on. As soon as I did so, a writer contacted me to make sure that all the information is correct.

    Besides, customer support is also worth a few words. Please answer the questions that bothered me immediately. Moreover, it would be also very convenient to monitor the process of writing and make sure that all requirements are met.

    Price & Discounts – 6dollaressay.com

    This claims itself to be among the most affordable ones. When I’ve made an order, I’ve been offered to choose the quality of the paper. I could choose between standard and premium quality. This is one of the factors to define the price of a paper. Price also depends on the deadline. As far as I’ve made my first order, I’ve received a 25% discount. However, it has not changed the situation to a great extent. My essay had to be at least for five pages and within 12 hours, and as far as I am on a shoestring budget, it has turned out to be a little bit expensive for me. However, this has been my only solution and salvation.

    When it comes to refunds, you need to have your paper revised for at least seven times, and after that, in case they fail to satisfy you, you receive your money back. All this is quite time-consuming, and as long as you claim to be professionals, you should deliver writings that will satisfy a consumer on the first try.

    Quality Of Writing by 6dollaressay.com

    I’ve checked a few essays written by the service, including “ How to start a conclusion paragraph” and other ones about conclusion paragraph as these have been the first ones I’ve noticed on their web-page. The essays had appropriate structure and style, so I hoped to receive my essay of high quality and written according to my requirements. Unfortunately, the writer failed to meet my demands. The quality of the paper was rather poor than high. From passage to passage, I came across grammatical and lexical mistakes. Of course, everything depends on a writer, and probably the one that has been working on my paper has a lack of knowledge and experience. As far as a customer has no such option as choosing a writer, you should be careful and ready for some unexpected turns. It is a very unreliable and tricky thing to make order here if you need to have your assignments written within 12 hours, or if it is a jumbo paper such as a dissertation, for example. I bet that a free essay writer would manage to write an essay of higher quality and without any plagiarism.

    Delivery from 6dollaressay.com

    The service failed to meet my deadline. I was rather disappointed and angry that they have not fit the deadline. They have just neglected all my demands and decided to work according to their own. The writing service was late with my paper for two days. It suggests that they are not professionals at all. I advise them to think over their attitude and respect towards their clients, who pay them money for a good paper, and instead receive nonsense.

    I have not received my assignment on time, so it means I have failed with my grades at school. It was a mistake to choose this service. No wonder why it isn’t popular and has such a low price list.



    • Attractive interface. The simple design establishes trust and allows to navigate in an easy way.
    • Convenient service. The website offers different types of research papers and quick process of placing an order.
    • Low Prices. The service offers affordable prices for those on the limited budget.



    • Poor quality. Sometimes unprofessional writers can deliver papers of bad quality as they can lack the knowledge or have limited time to perform a task.

    • Late delivery. The service may fail to deliver a paper on time, which has a bad impact on the client’s grade.

    • Poor customer support. The call service may fail to check whether all requirements were met by the writer.





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