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    Today it is very hard to be in different places at one time. Moreover, if you are a student of full-time attendance, you have absolutely no time to study all 20 subjects, and I’m not even saying about relaxing and having time on yourself.  Like any other good student who is lack of time because of hard studying, I decided to turn to the scientific writing services. I opened several academized services and was happy to see that almost all of them promise to do the best writing in the world. Most of all I paid attention to the that has a catchy site, exciting description, and friendly managers. Do you think that this review is a positive one? Stay with me, and you will be shocked. is an essay writing service whose founder spent not a one day making a scheme of earning good money; but maybe weeks or months. When you open the page, you will see what a huge site it is. They thought over everything. Each question you may pose is already answered on the site. They reason out why you should choose them mentioning their 24/7 online, the best prices and safe service.

    Also, they write that they have over 3500 customers, nearly 190 writers, more than 73000 of written pages and what is the most interesting – the average quality score of their writings which is 9,5/10. Also, they promise to give the fastest and the smoothest process of placing an order, which is the only truth of the site, by the way.

    Don’t be fools, nothing is perfect in the world, and when you see such an ideal page, close it as fast as you can. Never believe that you will get 100% quality paper, good prices and what is most important, that you will meet deadlines. With this academic writing service, you will get an extremely opposite thing.

    The owner of this site, as well as others mentioned above, has a really interesting marketing strategy and that is creating fake review sites thus presenting a false image of this paper writing service.


    Service & Design of Academized

    If you visit all those sites, you can easily see what is similar among them. They all promise the same things and write almost the same descriptions. I don’t want to talk about all of them at one time, but I will talk about the site that made a fool of me. Academized reviews start with the design which is pretty good and easy to guide, maybe it was one of the reasons why I chose exactly this site, I thought the easier it is, the better the results will be. Honestly, if they didn’t betray, I would write only the best things in this abstract, because, seriously, the site is looking good and the designers did their job correctly.

    Price & Discounts on Academized

    Usually, when you want to get a ready paper, you turn to a site and wait somewhere in depth of your soul that the price will be not so high, and moreover, you will get a discount for some reason. And it is not bad; we are students! And academic writing services, being oriented exactly on us, know that prices have to be reasonable. If you watch through several sites (not ones mentioned above but good ones), you will see that the approximate price is $13 per page. Honestly, it is a completely normal price, but still too much.

    Then I found this ‘best’ academic writing service, and I was shocked. Their price was $11 per page. If a student is reading now, then he/ she will understand what a difference it is for us calculating the final total sum.

    When I look through the site, I mentioned that at the top they have kind of a “self” calculator, where you can count by yourself what price you will get at the end. Seriously, I was so excited that I know the price, I see a good site, real managers in chat that I have no reason to doubt. I made an order. Fatal move.

    When I completed an order, I calculated everything by myself again using their site, and my own calculator. The manager texted back in 5 minutes, so I was impressed by the speed. She asked a lot of questions that is why I was calm – she was a real person, so the work will be done in the best way.

    I repeated my requirements three times – I need academic paper writing of a new article, there I need to have 10 pages written on the highest level and gave them 10 days. This information is important because what happened later, God, I would have never wished it to the worst enemy.

    As it was my first time ordering an essay, I didn’t know what information I should give, and which I shouldn’t as it isn’t necessary. Because of my own naiveté, I gave them the real information: my name, my place of studying and the professor for whom I am doing this writing. The manager answered that she knows him, she knows what an exacting person he is, how he demands and that for the last 5 years of her work I am not the only student who is asking for help.

    I was impressed because of this conversation but decided that if she knows him, nothing bad will happen, I felt good vibes and kind of connection if you know what I mean.

    So, after a long conversation, they asked me to give them the total sum – $160. I didn’t take it into account, again, being so pleased after the good conversation in chat. I thought – well, they need to be sure I will not order and get lost. When I send money, the manager replied that everything is okay, they got the money, and I am free for 10 days, and I can do whatever I want while they will be doing my best writing.

    And I did it; I was having fun, relaxing and hanging out a lot. Honestly, it was the end of the year and the only thing I needed to pass what exactly that paper. I didn’t have the strength for that last gasp and turned to the academic essay writing services for help.

    Delivery from Academized

    What do students wait for when they order a text? Except for the quality, good price and free from plagiarism text we want to get the paper in time, isn’t it?

    So, in 10 days I texted them asking when I will get the paperback. Do you feel what happened next? Nothing, no answer, they even didn’t read my message. I was shocked as I had only 4 days till the day X when I need to pass the exam (the exam had the form of the essay) and I started to be nervous. I was so angry because recently I had the same situation which I wrote in Essaywritersworld review. I texted them for dozens of times, and on the 13th day, I got the message. Oh, I can’t explain what I felt when I saw the heading “ replied” on the telephone. It was something close to the relive, but much better. I opened it in a second and with trembling hands started reading. And again, I can’t explain what I felt; it was something close to the crash, but much worse.

    The manager told me that they are very sorry for the late delivery, and here, I can take the first three pages in order to be confident that the text was made in a good way. Do you remember my feelings at that time? I was reading, but my heart was beating so fast that I was not even close to the word “concentrated”. I answered that something is wrong with a structure, but I can fix it by myself as I don’t have time to wait more and asked to send me the whole paper. The manager said, “sorry, we can’t, as you didn’t pay, and we don’t work like that”.

    What does it mean I didn’t pay? I paid, and scrolled up to the message where she answered me that she got the money – and you know what? Each 12 days chats are renewing without saving. There were NO messages between the representative of the site and me. Now I know why they weren’t answering me for 13 days. Well, I made a print screen of my online bank account to show that I sent money almost 2 weeks ago, and guess what she answered me?

    “It’s a Photoshop, if you won’t send money, I will tell your professor what did you do, and that you are a cheater, it’s up to you what to choose”.  Now I know that if the representative asks the name, place of study, and professor’s name it doesn’t mean you will be in safety. Guys don’t repeat my mistakes. Give fake data. After liters of tears, I had no alternative than sending $160 again.

    So, my paper cost me $320. So ‘cool’ for the poor student, isn’t it?


    Quality Of Writing of Academized

    When I got the text of the paper, I started reading everything again. To say that the quality was bad means to say nothing. It was awful. My topic has a very small relation to the topic that was written and described there. The structure was bad; grammar was poor, the style wasn’t adhered to, the topic wasn’t opened….When I texted them again, the representative said that they did everything according to my requirements – and repeated the requirements (which were not mine, but probably figured out by her).

    Honestly, I didn’t have the strength and desire to talk more; I understood that I would never get a good paper, any percent of the money and not even a piece of nerves back. Having good three pages, the introduction, I started writing by myself, and after 12 hours of pain and tears, I finished it.




    • Poor quality. The final paper contained many typos and grammar mistakes.
    • Delayed delivery. The paper was sent three days after the due date.
    • Unreliable policy. They made a blackmail threat to tell everything to the professor.


    1. I used a coupon I found at reddit and thought I hit the jackpot for this service but I ended up with a very elementary quality assignment. No wonder there are several negative essay pro reviews from past clients. Aside from the grammatical mistakes on the final papers, there were also delays for revision requests which was frustrating for clients beating deadlines. Think twice before hiring them.

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