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Recently I got the task to create an academic paper, an essay of three pages on a literature topic (the life of Ernest Hemingway). Since I’m not really good at writing, I decided to look for some papers writing service to help me with the task. I am a college student and I don’t have plenty of money, so my goal was to find a service with a good price/quality correlation. The Google search found me the service. I didn’t know what kind of service it is, so I searched for Affordablepapers writing service reviews. Some of them were not very positive, but still, there were some satisfied clients, so I decided to give it a try. is an academic paper writing service where you can buy an assignment, scientific article, book review and many other papers for very compatible prices – starting from 9$ a page. The first thought that came to mind when I saw the prices was “why are they so cheap?” I suggested that maybe the quality of the papers they deliver is now very high or something like that. Actually, the quality was good as for such a low price, but still, there were some troubles with this service.

Service & Design –

If to speak about this writing service as a whole, the has a wide range of writing services, which they deliver. On you can order essays, reports, research papers, dissertations, homework, article reviews, presentations, assignments, book reviews, speeches, thesis, and many other works. I found such a wide range of services really impressive. I also liked the design of their website –it is quite user-friendly and understandable.

Price & Discounts of

The prices for the services of differ due to the academic level of the paper, a number of pages and the urgency. You can buy a school paper for $9-$22, a college paper for $11-$25 and the university paper for $15-$32.

My personal opinion is that the prices for services are not sufficiently justified. For example, for the college papers, the prices differ according to the deadlines the next way: for the 14 days deadline a price for one page is $11, for the 7 days deadline the price is $12, for 5 days deadline – $13, 3 days deadline – $15, 2 days deadline – $18, 24 hours deadline – $21 and 8 hours deadline – $25. I think that for the 14 days deadline and 7 days deadline the difference could have been greater (the 14 days delivery could cost $5 or so).

As I am a college student and I needed a simple essay in 4 days, I ordered the 3 pages essay with a three days deadline for $45 (one page was $15). Unfortunately, the service delivered my essay only in four days, so I hardly managed to report my essay on time.

In addition, when I asked for the discount for my next purchase on that website because of the delay in the delivery, I got a negative answer. I was told that this service has one of the lowest prices in the industry and that is why they don’t give any discounts. I was a little disappointed. However, the quality of the essay, as for such low price, was quite good.

One more unpleasant thing – it is said on the website, that the have a money-back guarantee. However, after I got my essay delivered one day later, I wanted to get my money back, but my request was rejected. I was told that since I got my essay, I couldn’t ask for the return of payment.

Quality Of Writing by

When I was looking for affordable papers review, I found many bad reviews, which pointed out the low quality of works, mistakes in texts and lack of arguments used in papers. However, I was satisfied with the quality of an essay I ordered. There were a couple of grammar mistakes and very few arguments concerning my topic, but the structure of the work was fine, and the material was consistently outlined.

I also came to thought what does affordable papers quality higher. It is simple professionalism of the authors of works. You can order a scientific paper with 8 hours deadline and pay for it $500, but if the author who writes a paper for you isn’t sufficiently qualified, this paper won’t fit any requirements.

Delivery from

The most common Affordablepapers critique concerns the delivery time. As I mentioned before, I ordered an essay with three days deadline, but I got my essay in four days. It caused me a little stress because I didn’t know if I will get the essay on the fourth day and I didn’t have time left to write an essay on my own. I should have sent my essay on the fourth day, and due to delay in the delivery, I hardly managed to send it on time. That’s why if you’re in a hurry, you should either buy a paper on other websites (for few dollars more) or you should have a few spare days left in case of the delay.


  • Affordable prices. Depending on the deadline, the number of pages, and academic level, the prices vary from $9 to $22 for a school paper, $11-25 for a college paper, and $15-32 for the university paper.
  • Diverse Service. The website offers a range of papers including essays, home assignments, reports, reviews, and even dissertations.
  • Good quality. The website offers well-structured and necessary content based on the customer’s requirement.


  • Late delivery. The website may fail on specified delivery terms, which affects customer’s academic performance.
  • Unequal differentiation in prices. The differences between deadlines are not fairly justified: the college paper with 14 days deadline is done for $11 whereas the paper with 7 days deadline costs $12.
  • Quality of Writing. The paper may not be proofread enough, which can be traced in some grammar or spelling mistakes.



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