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    Academic writing services experience a real boom now. There are students like me, who prefer to spend time doing so many other things except for doing homework. So many websites offer homework assistance online. I’m not an expert, but I know there are lots of scams and low-quality services among them.

    The last time I came across one was when I was looking for dissertation help. The company’s name is A-Writer, and they say have “elite expert writers” and promise to get you “the best results.” Is it so? I felt I just had to critique compare and contrast A Writer as a writing service after I had some experience with them.

    Before I decided to order a dissertation at this website, I searched for “dissertation A Writer review” through Google. I found a lot of people describing their ordering experience with this company as positive. It made me think I can trust them, so I eventually made a purchase. Now, this is my ordering AWriter assignment report with a detailed description of how it went.


    Service & Design – A-writer.com

    The website itself is rather average. It’s similar to most sites in this niche – big words, little meaning. There is a separate section on the website with a list of services and their description. It is quite easy to surf through to find information about the type of paper one needs. I was looking for dissertation writing, and I saw a dedicated page rather quickly. There were not many specific details. Just general information.

    I jumped to the “Guarantees” section next and was disappointed again to see only vague promises. Essay writing AWriter.com company is new on the market. They have much more work to do to make their website a user-friendly and easy-to-search-through source.

    Price & Discounts of A-writer.com

    You can quickly check price without jumping from page to page right on the homepage via a special tool. Prices are not the cheapest on the market, even with a discount given to all new customers (it is 25%). Thus, for a non-urgent one-page essay one would have to pay around $25, while an essential six-page term paper will cost about $210.

    One of the extra services you can add to your order is proofreading by an editor. To me, this looks kind of strange. I mean, I’m ordering a premium PhD-level paper, right? What kind of background and experience does a writer like that have if their work needs proofreading? Is it a Ph.D. newbie or what? Of course, it’s up to every customer to decide whether to pay for additional proofreading or not. But I still can’t see the logic in this extra proofreading service.

    The last field of the ordering form is a field for a discount code, which means the company probably has some loyalty program discounts.

    Quality Of Writing by A-writer.com

    Now, it’s time to review the key point – the quality of paper writing. My A Writer evaluation paper writing, they delivered is the worst writing I have ever seen. I am not exaggerating. And then I mentioned my experience with the site, about which I also wrote the Aceyourpaper review.

    The only reason I’m giving it two stars instead of one or zero is for it had no visible grammar mistakes. I didn’t choose that extra proofreading option I mentioned above, but the paper seemed to proofread.

    The topic of my dissertation was related to the accounting field. I hoped the writer would have solid knowledge of this. But the way the problem was awful described. It looked like the work was done by a student major isn’t accounting.

    In some paragraphs, the information was laid out in a very scientific way. I suppose these parts were just copied and then rewritten from topic-related sources.  Or, even worse, translated from a dissertation written in a different language. In other paragraphs, the writing style was effortless, like that of a high-school or ESL student.

    Now, the worst part:

    My paper was structured incorrectly! One of the outline points I specified when placing an order was missing entirely. A chapter – missing!

    The formatting wasn’t that bad, although there were several non-numbered pages. And a few paragraphs had a grey-colored background, which was very hard to spot but I did notice. I know this happens when you copy and paste some text from a webpage. So I suggested that they just rewrote someone else’s paper or a piece from the recommended literature.

    Of course, I couldn’t accept such low-quality work, so I called the AWriter service support and prepared to fight for my money. However, their manager appeared very friendly and reassured me that there was some mistake. She promised they will revise my dissertation and will send it back in a few days. I agreed to wait. Two days later, I received a new version of my work with improved formatting; plus, they added a new chapter. But, just as I expected, the overall quality of the contents didn’t get any better.

    I shared this story with one of my colleagues, and it turned out his girlfriend used to work for this company. She left because they’ve been deluding not only their customers but also many other students. They write negative reviews on their competitors across different review platforms and social networks.


    Delivery from A-writer.com

    Not much is left to say about this company. I got the paper on time. But honestly, I wish it was never done because that level of quality was not worth the money I have paid.



    • Delivery. You’ll always get your paper on time.
    • Discounts. The company has some loyalty program discounts, that’s why the price of regular paper is affordable.
    • No grammar mistakes. The papers are double-checked.



    • Incorrect structure. Don’t be surprised if one of the paragraphs will be missed.
    • New service. Because of being new on the Internet market, there are many mistakes, even in the headings.
    • Guarantees. When you go to the guarantees page, you can see only vague promises.
    • Low quality of the paper. The text of the paper can be without no connection to the given topic.


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