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Nowadays people are usually busy and multitasking, so there appears a problem that some assignments are going on the background. Some people do not have enough free time, others do not have enough skills and desire, but all of them need help from other professionals. It also gives you the opportunity to spend time with family and friend and forget about the work at least for a while.

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As I am a student and also go to work, there are often problems with time-management and free time, so I decided to ask for some help. I have been reading numerous reviews and surfing the internet to find a company that will suit me perfectly. Of course, I wanted the assignment to be written in high quality, but the price was important, too. After a long time spent on searching, I found the reviews to is a website that offers a wide variety of services that can help these people. It is one of the most successful company on the web, due to various reviews and offers a lot of services as writing essays, book reports, dissertation or even research papers and presentations.

On the main page, there is written that the staff of the company is highly educated, and they guarantee unique and creative work. Most of the reviews of the company were positive, so I decided that they could be trusted. I was a bit nervous because my deadline was soon, but there was written that all the tasks are provided on time and there is no need to worry. I wanted that assignment to be perfect, so I decided that it would be a great idea to pay the amount of money and get an ideal assignment. I was sure that if the work would be done by a devoted professional English-speaking writer, then everything should be correct. The rate of the company on the web was assuring me about that fact.


Service & Design on Bestcustomwriting

Design of the website catches the client`s eye the first. It should be pleasant and professionally made so that it would be more chances to attract potential customers. I believe that highly respected companies must hire designers to help them make their website look perfect. Of course, the design is not the most important feature, but still, it makes the first impression. I liked best custom writing design at a glance. The colors on the website are perfectly matched. It is relaxing to see everything light blue and white. Also, everything can be easily found and seen on the main page. There is no need to spend time looking for something as everything is like on a palm.

It is extremely easy to navigate through the website. There are contact buttons everywhere, so you would not have any troubles. You can also find all the important information there as it is user-friendly. You can also find this custom writing service on a wide range of social-networking site, which is very convenient nowadays.

It was agreeable to see that online help works 24/7, you never know when there could appear a question or worse, a problem. So, I was relaxed to understand that all the help needed could be provided whenever I want. Moreover, there are a few ways to communicate with the staff – you can chat on the website or make a call. It is very conscientious regarding the customers as everybody is unique and they might like different ways of communication.

It is great that the company offer their writing services to be done in different lengths, topics and they can be of different types. It is so convenient for students, as they are developing in different spheres and help can be provided for everyone.

When I had a question about my assignment, I decided to chat with my writer. But it took a quite long time to get a response. While I was waiting, I opened a chat with online help and got an immediate reply. It was very pleasant to understand that a member of the polite staff is doing her best to help you. I got a message that my writing is busy working on projects, but I do not need to worry, as everything is going to be okay. When I finally was able to chat with the writer, there was a little misunderstanding, but in the end, everything appeared okay.

Price & Discounts on Bestcustomwriting

Students usually do not have money, and for managers of essay writing service, it is clear, so the prices are not high. As it was my first time on this website, I was extremely happy to see that there is a discount for people who make an order for the first time. The most appreciating was the fact that when I decided to make an order, I was able to see the price immediately after I filled in the details.

I am sure that all students have a limited budget and it is crucial for them to get the content of high quality not to regret the amount spent. I know that prices on are not sky-high, but still, for students, they are considerable. Due to that fact, I believe that the quality of the written paper could be better. Of course, it depends on the topic and there were not any fatal typos, but it could really be better. I think that students who have given this amount of their money expected the task to be done perfectly.

I can not say that it was a rip-off, but my order was not a hard piece of writing, so for that price, it could be a lot better. Maybe the company should reconsider their price list or try doing the task more diligently and quickly. The order was not sent to me very quickly, so I think that for that price and during so much time the writing could be better.

Quality of writing of Bestcustomwriting

People who apply for help to such online companies like best custom writing expect their papers to be done perfectly. So did I. I strongly believe that if I pay money for something to be written for me the result must be better than if I did it by myself. Considering this, I was a bit disappointed when I saw the result. Of course, the writing was very informative, and the best existing sources were used for it, but I was really surprised to see grammatical mistakes and typos.

Information provided on the main page of the website says that only highly qualified professional English-speakers will work on my order. It is strange to me that such skilled people would make those mistakes, it was below my expectations. I agree that information was perfect, but the structure was awful. I was satisfied that I got my order on time and was able to make some corrections. It was inappropriate to present the task written like that, so it took me a lot of time to find and correct all the mistakes and typos.

I am also grateful that the paper was 100% original. It was said that there would be no plagiarism and that was true. I was very satisfied to understand that because nowadays it is highly respected, especially in universities, where the work was presented.

Delivery from Bestcustomwriting

As I have mentioned before, I am a student, so to do everything on time is crucial for me. If I do not manage to hand in everything before the deadline, my work will not be estimated. Of course, I did not want that to happen, so I made an order in advance to have everything ready a few days before the appointed day. I am sure that for other students and also people who work in some business companies meeting the expectation of managers is highly important. It was a perfect idea not to make the deadlines meet because there was a delay with my order. I received the writing exactly on the day of the deadline.

I was not awful, as I gave myself some additional days, but it was still quite unpleasant. I understand that sometimes there can appear some problems, it can be difficult to find the information or to form a thought. But as the money was paid, I expect everything to be done correctly and a bit earlier. It can be a confirmation that writers try to do a lot at the same time so that the order comes on deadline or even after. For people who have the deadline on the same day, it can cause unpleasant moments, as they need some time to look through the task and carefully learn all the information. It was said that the order would be received as soon as possible, but in fact, it did not happen. One moment there has been a thought that I would not receive my paper at all but luckily that were only my fears and worries.




  • Perfect design. I was very pleased to see ideal combinations of colors and an extremely convenient structure. Everything needed is seen on the main page, each button can be easily found and no problems with reading the most important information.
  • Contacts can be found at a glance, and you understand immediately what should be done.
  • It is such a pleasant word for a student. We always seek the opportunity to save some money, and this online service gives the possibility to do that. The discount is given to everybody who makes an order for the first time and also for people who can use the promotional code. That is very nice and convenient.
  • Interesting content. People always listen to those who speak interestingly, but it is a lot easier to do so when the information provided is interesting. I was surprised by how good was the paper written. If there were less grammatical mistakes and typos, it would be perfect.



  • I am not sure how to describe this item. The work was done exactly on the day of the deadline. Of course, that is not bad, but it was promised that the task would be sent as soon as possible, even earlier than the deadline. Due to that fact, I was waiting for it for a few days before the deadline and as a result, started getting nervous.
  • It is always agreeable to work with polite and conscientious people, the same I can say about the staff. I received a lot of help and information from the representatives. But there were moments when none of them were online, so I did not get any support. That is a pity as the website guarantees 24/7 support.
  • On the one hand, the price is considerable but not sky-high. All the services are affordable both for students and for people of other industries. On the other hand, the quality of writings is not good enough for such a price.
  • Grammar and typos. For professional English-speaking staff, there were too many mistakes in my paper. In some moments I even thought that the work was not proofread and that is inappropriate. If the company takes money and guarantees mistakes free writing done by qualified workers, everything must be better.

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