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    In case you are looking for the writing service that can handle for you a mountain of work before the set deadline, you will probably see the link to the website called that is on the market since 2005. As well as other similar services, BestEssayTips claims to be able to finish a needed assignment on your behalf and create a high-quality paper that will bring you the best grades. It also promises to keep your personal data secure and address the needs of every customer. Personally, I decided to ask the service to write a paper for me mainly because I needed some time to concentrate on the more important aspects of my life. So, looking for the service, I finally choose as it was one of the first links I saw on the Internet. First, I tried to read some reviews to decide whether my choice is good. Nevertheless, in reality, it did not help me to decide as there were both positive and negative opinions, and it was impossible to say where the truth was.

    Service & Design of Bestessaytips

    When I opened the main page of, I saw definitely a trendy-looking website with a variety of inviting promises that may easily persuade one to order a paper. The thing that first came to my mind is that my choice of choosing this website is good. The main page also contained links to prices, discounts, samples and other sections that new visitors may find interesting. Generally, looking through the main page, I found the answers to all the questions I wanted to know before ordering a paper. Nevertheless, I believe in the quote that one should never judge a book by its cover. Therefore, after having the experience with this service, I want to say that the exterior does not always reflect what is inside in reality.

    Talking about assistance has to offer, you may find such services as ordering, writing, supporting, and reviewing. Unlike many other services on the market that has a very restricted range of services, BestEssayTips offers a variety of academic papers, including even such rare types of assignments as LabReport, Capstone Project, and Statistics Project. Also, it should be mentioned that claims to have a well-trained support team available via live chat, e-mail, or phone calling 24 hours per day. Talking about my experience, I enjoyed communicating with the Support Team. Contacting this company is actually very easy, and you can choose for you the most convenient form. Besides, I liked the fact that BestEssayTips list not only US phone numbers, but also UK phone numbers. When I called the service, they answered my call in a few seconds. Nevertheless, I experienced some challenges with the live chat agents. When I sent the message, I got the answer only in 25 minutes. Therefore, if you will face an urgent issue, we recommend you to choose the phone call option instead of writing via live chat.


    Price & Discounts on Bestessaytips

    The service provides a clear pricing page for customers to make sure that every customer may know how much he or she will pay for one’s order. Generally, the overall amount depends on the quality of writing (standard or premium), deadline, the number of sources used, the number of pages, and a type of service. In case you are a new customer using this service, you can enjoy a 25% discount for your first order that is a great benefit for new clients. Probably, this was one of the reasons that persuaded me to use this service for writing my paper. Nevertheless, I was really disappointed that for such extra services as a professional proofreading or plagiarism report I needed to pay some extra money. On many other websites, these services are included in the fee you pay for an order. By the way, in general terms, the prices at are quite affordable, especially in comparison to other leading services. Therefore, I believe that is a great choice for a student’s restricted budget. There are definitely many encouraging discounts for both newcomers and loyal customers. To be more precise, the system of discounts is divided into a standard discount, premium discount, and platinum discount. As far as a standard discount is concerned, you will enjoy a lifetime 5% discount in case you will order 15 or more pages.  Having the 5% discount, you will automatically become a silver member. After that, when the number of ordered pages will reach 51, you will be a gold member and will get a 10% discount that is a very good bonus. The last possible discount you may get after you will order 101 pages or more. Then, you will enjoy a 15% discount for all your orders and will become a platinum member. Besides, there is a money-back guarantee in case you are completely dissatisfied with the service and can provide concrete arguments why a writer failed to write your paper. This is definitely a very big advantage.

    Quality of Writing of Bestessaytips

    As well as all other writing services that try to advertise their products, promises its customers papers of the best qualities written by professional writers. Considering that the company is on the market since 2005, it is supposed to have a lot of customers’ reviews and statistics introduced on the main page. Nevertheless, looking through the website, I noticed only a few testimonials, and, what is more, none of these were dated or supported by statistics or official data. Therefore, I concluded that the introduced reviews about the quality of writing were illegitimate as they could be written a few years ago.

    When I tried to search for reviews on on other websites, I found very mixed reviews and different opinions on whether is a reliable service in terms of quality. While some past customers told that the overall content they received was generally satisfied, others were disappointed with the quality of writing and said that they were supposed to rewrite their papers.

    As a result, I decided finally to take a risk and check by myself whether the quality of writing on is okay. After I received my paper, I was generally satisfied with the quality of writing. There were only a few grammar mistakes, and the structure of sentences was pretty good. However, I noticed that my topic was actually poorly researched and some questions from the initial instructions were still ignored by a writer. Also, I think that my paper was not written by a native English writer as I requested. Besides, I have checked the paper for plagiarism and noticed some similarity with other websites. When I asked for the plagiarism report, support answered me that they could provide this service only for additional payment.

    Finally, I requested the revision of my paper as some initial instructions were addressed only superficially. Fortunately, the support understood my problem and assisted me in making a revision request without any additional paper. The final paper I received from the writer was pretty good and, eventually, I was satisfied with the result.

    Delivery from Bestessaytips

    As far as delivery is concerned, you may have no doubts that your paper will be delivered on time. It is a big plus of this service. The same I can say about (read my Assignmentdoer review). Setting the deadline for five days, I expected to get my paper before. Nevertheless, I got it just when 30 minutes till the deadline ended. Besides, considering that I was supposed to request a revision as I have already mentioned, I was almost late with my paper that should be delivered to my professor on time. For sure, it was partially my fault as I could set a little bit shorter deadline to consider some extra issue that might appear. However, I expected to get a good paper from the first time. Therefore, my advice for you in case you decide to use is to take into account that you may be dissatisfied with the quality of your paper. Therefore, it would be a great idea to consider some extra time before your real deadline.




    • Affordable pricing. Unlike other writing services, the pricing on is affordable for students who usually have a very restricted budget. Besides, you will probably enjoy the system of discounts for both new customers and loyal visitors. What is even more, after becoming a silver, golden, or even a platinum member, you will enjoy lifetime discounts for all your orders that will help you to save a lot of money.
    • A wide range of services. The thing that is a great advantage and proves that is a competitive writing company is a wide range of services you may find on this website. In case your instructions are not clear, you may write the support team, and they will help you to choose a needed service to address all your initial instructions. Besides, you may pay some money for extra proofreading if you want to make sure that your final paper is flawless.
    • Communication with Support. The Support Team is very responsive on this website. Although I faced some problems with live chat, I noticed that a phone call is a great way to reach support. Besides, when I faced some issues with my paper, the Support Team assisted me in solving my problems immediately. Hence, using, I recommend you to call the Support Team that is oriented definitely on the needs of customers.



    • The absence of a free plagiarism report. Unfortunately, in case your professor is very strict to plagiarism, and you are afraid of the possible degree of similarity, you should request for such additional service as plagiarism report. This service is not included in the initial fee for your order. However, many other writing services provide plagiarism report for free as the bonus for an ordered paper.
    • Unresponsive live chat. As I have mentioned, I was actually satisfied with the communication with the Support Team. Nevertheless, please consider that I also faced such problem as the unresponsive live chat customer service. I had an urgent issue, and I wrote the Support in chat. However, after twenty minutes of waiting, my message was still ignored. After that, I tried to call the Support, and they answered my phone call in a few seconds. Once again, I recommend you to choose a phone call as a method of reaching the Support Team to avoid the possible issues with the unresponsive live chat customer service.
    • A poorly-researched content. I cannot say for sure that provides a poorly-researched content. It is possible that it depends on the author chosen. However, I faced this issue with my paper and was supposed to request a revision to address all the questions from the initial instructions.


    1. service wasn’t completely terrible but I think I could have got more for my money elsewhere. The order process was easy I have to admit that – it took me practically no time at all to get my essay ordered. I think the quality of the essay could have been better – some sections I had to look at again. I guess you get what you pay for!


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