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    Should students have homework done on their own or someone’s helping hand will not go amiss? It doesn’t matter whether you are a school, college or university student, but you definitely know what the fear of being late with deadlines looks like. Some students devote all their free time to studying and improving their knowledge in certain fields, while for others there are much more important things. It becomes impossible to cope with the huge workload. But it isn’t time to give up in despair. Writing services can become your solution and helping hand. Especially when it comes to College homework help.

    What is College-homework-help

    Probably, you’ve already come across writing services on the Internet and have noticed, that there is an endless number of them. College-homework-help is another one ready to help anyone who has a difficult time accomplishing their writing assignments. As it claims, it is a company that cares about their customers and does its best to deliver the work of high quality on time. Besides, it comes up with interesting essay topics and funny persuasive speech themes. It provides you not only with good essay topics but also can do a homework review or edit any kind of assignment.

    One can never know whether it is a trustful company and be sure that having paid money they would receive good writing. However, this service assures its visitors, that there is no reason why one should doubt placing an order there. Here is my review.

    Service & Design –

    First of all, I would like to express my opinion concerning the design of the web-page. When it comes to colors, the prevailing ones are black, white, red and their shades. So, the contrast of black and red or red and white always catches visitor’s eye and allows finding anything on the page easily. Besides, the most important information or options are written with capital letters or in bold type. All these aspects make the design modern and convenient to operate the site.

    Speaking of services, I have quite mixed feeling. There is no Customer help or Customer support button. You can have either a live chat or contact them by phone if you have any questions. Then, there are three types of assignments to choose from: writing, editing or slide presentation. Having picked a writing assignment, you can choose any type you need. Besides, you have to provide information concerning the field and the topic of the task to be accomplished. More details will be a hint for the writer in meeting all the requirements.

    Price & Discounts of

    On this service web-page, you can find a separate option “Prices” where you can pick the type of work you need to be accomplished. Basically, the price of your order depends on the type of writing, deadline, the academic level, and you can choose a premium writer to do your task, but it costs extra money. As for me, I know services with lower prices, but I have no idea what quality of writing you will receive in return. Besides, you can firstly fill in your requirements, and the service will generate the price of your work.

    I have placed an order that included a fifteen-page assignment. I needed a term paper of university level with a deadline15 days. As far as I don’t have an account on this web page and it’s been the first time I have ordered writing, I have no discounts. I doubt whether a student would afford such an expensive task.

    Quality Of Writing by

    There are a few examples of the works they have already delivered to their customers. Having checked one of them, I understood that the team does not worry too much about the contents and the level of the language they use. This situation reminds me of my experience which I wrote in Essaywritersus review. A work of high school level was just slightly different from the work of college level, and that is one of the aspects to be taken into account by the service. As far as it is a university level, it is necessary to use the appropriate scientific term.

    There are only a few reviews written by their regular customers, who are very satisfied with the job done by professionals. So it is quite hard to understand whether the service can cope with your task and if there is any sense to expect writing of top quality.

    What is College-homework-help

    Delivery from

    I placed a deadline of 15 days and did not receive my task on time. Fortunately, I  predicted such a situation, so I had a couple of days in reserve. Still, it does not make a difference. As long as you claim to be seasoned professionals you should act like ones. I mean failing to meet a deadline is quite a serious problem that needs an immediate decision. Sometimes it is impossible to predict, and some customers put deadlines just a few hours before their actual deadline. It would be very irresponsible of you to fail to deliver writing on time for them.



    • Colors assist in finding information. Modern design catches attention in a field of competitive writing services.
    • Available ‘Prices’ tab. The customer may compose the order and clearly see the price for the task.



    • Extra money for a premium writer. The better mark you want due tohighquality, the more you have to pay. Is professionalism paid?
    • Inappropriate level of language. College and university tasks demand specific vocabulary, but the writers do not pay attention to it.
    • Delivery failures. If a customer does not predict delays, he/she will fail due to lack of on-time delivery of the task.


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