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    Edusson is a writing service whose basic clients are students. They apply this service in the hope that the company will do their boring assignments instead of them and in such a way to give them a little bit more free time for something more interesting. But is this service able to provide an excellent result without any troubles in the process of writing?

    Service & Design -

    To begin with, I would like to discuss the first thing I have faced with while collaborating with this service – their website. In general, it is quite modern; however, I have some difficulties finding the necessary information. The same I wrote in Bestessaytips review). There is a huge amount of useless data, for instance, about thesis definition or MLA format. Despite the fact, that I have been busy doing some other tasks, I had to spend some time trying to find out how to make the order.

    Speaking about Edusson, I cannot mention the fact that this company provides a wide range of services which are offered by this company. You can order a different kind of writing including argumentative essay and research paper outline. However, to make the order, you need to fill in a special form where you are supposed to point out the main requirements of your assignment. After that, you can see the list of writers who are ready to fulfill your task and choose one of them. From my point of view, it takes some time, but you may be sure that they will write an assignment of any kind, not just common ones.

    Guarantees and Safety

    So, what does Edusson do for the safety of its customers’ information and what guarantees do they offer? Those are good questions, and I intended to find out. And it actually didn’t take long to discover the answers!

    ✔ Edusson guarantees the satisfaction of its clients by insisting that no one gets paid until the customer has actually approved the work. Yes, this isn’t a pay ahead-of-time system, it’s not even pay on delivery, it’s pay upon satisfaction, which is a little mind-blowing when you think about it. Realize, though, that they do need a deposit.

    ✔ The way it protects its clients is to guarantee them that they will never receive work that’s been plagiarized. Every single essay is guaranteed to be one hundred percent original and they assure everybody of complete and total confidentiality. So, for those of you who don’t want anyone to ever know where that essay came from, these are the guys for you!

    ✔ They take that quality approach to things, which is a part of the approval process, of course. What this really means is that they guarantee that what you receive will be quality work and not the work of “green” people, so to speak.

    Price & Discounts of

    This process is really too long because you need to check carefully every writer who agrees to complete your task and maybe a lot of them. As for me, I spend at least half an hour reading the comments about 15 writers who were available when I asked for writing an assignment in essay format and chose only one of them. As far as I know, other services do this choice themselves – the customer has no possibility to choose the writer. It is a twofold situation. On the one hand, you have a choice, and on the other hand, you waste your time. One good point is that you can also see if the price is affordable for you while choosing the writer. So if the price asked by one of them doesn’t fit your purse, you are free to work with another one. It gives you the opportunity to set the best price policy for you at your own.  However, such freedom of choice leads to the creation of some drawbacks. Because of such a system, there are no discounts at all that was a kind of upsetting for me as for a student.

    Quality of Writing by Edusson

    I realize that my opinion concerning the quality of final result will not be very useful for those students who try to choose the writing service because I have experience of work with only one of them and don’t have the faintest idea about others. Frankly speaking, to say that I was disappointed with my choice (although it takes me so much time) will be underestimating. From my communication with the writer, I feel strongly about the fact that he wasn’t a native speaker and the way of expressing his thoughts, grammar structure and mistakes in the essay prove that. There are a lot of mistakes, by the way. Having received my assignment, I decided to check its accuracy with the help of essay checker. And as you may guess, I found a lot of them. This fact shows that the management of and those people who are responsible for the selection of working staff don’t pay close attention to the real level of competence of their workers. It seems to me that it will be good practice for them to check the portfolios of applicants more carefully in order to make sure that everything is written there are true. At this point, it is worth mentioning that this service doesn’t have return guarantees. So the only option that was opened for me was a free revision that was made by the same writer.

    Payment Options

    Yeah, I know! It’s always the big question for just about everything out there that anyone gets and that is “How do I pay?” We also usually know that the more payment options a site has, the better they usually are because they actually care about accommodating their customers. Man, there are a lot of ways to pay out there now and Edusson supports a lot of them!

    ▶ PayPal and Credit Cards - First, for all those fans of PayPal, yes they accept it. They will also accept all the traditional forms of online payment, like MasterCard, Visa, American Express, and even Discover. The only drawback is that, no, they haven’t taken on digital wallets as a form of payment... yet.

    The way the payment process works is that you do have to guarantee that you can, in fact, pay for the paper once you get it. So, you do have to put in a kind of deposit, but it’s practically seamless to do so and then approve the project once it is done. They even have a refund policy for any of those that are interested.

    Edusson reviews

    So, what do the reviews say? Overall, they are good, but not perfect. Is that a bad thing? Well, the truth is that no matter how good a service is, there’s no way that everyone’s going to like it.

    ➤ A Five-Star Restaurant – Think about it. There are five-star restaurants out there, for instance, that get great reviews and everybody seems to like it. But, hold on, there are a few out of a hundred or so that really seem to hate it! This happens. It’s part of life. Not everyone’s going to like Edusson, and that’s fine, but most people do.

    ➤ The Bidding System – This is what usually gets talked about the most as being a big plus for the service. The approach to finding and approving a writer is praised often.

    ➤ Convenience – This is another one that people usually talk about as being great. There are paper services that are so convoluted as to defy understanding, but most people say this one is fast and easy.

    ➤ The Interface – Reviewers have also stated that the application it uses for its service is similar to an iOS application, which is a point of praise for many. The central point here is that it’s streamlined and easy to use.

    ➤ Support – Many reviewers said that this was a stand-out for the entire platform. The team working at Edusson is apparently praise-worthy for the attention and help that they routinely give to their clients.

    ➤ Quality – This is one of only two places where some people might have some issues. Clients do choose authors according to their own parameters, but not everyone was happy with what they got.

    ➤ Refunds – This is the other point of contention for some. There were reviewers that hit the approve button a little too soon, only to experience buyer’s remorse afterward. In these cases, refunds on a completed and accepted essay are somewhat limited but can go as high as seventy percent.

    Is Edusson legit?

    This is always the question that people inevitably ask of any service that is wholly based online. It seems that no matter how secure websites get, there are always going to be a few out there who are trying to take people for a ride. Don’t feel bad if you have that little voice in the back of your head asking the same question. Everyone does. You should be worried if you don’t!

    So, is reliable? They do have reviews posted on their site, but everyone knows to never take the reviews posted on there as being the only thing that one should take account of.

    It’s the reviews posted elsewhere that have brought me to the inevitable conclusion that, yes, Edusson is a legitimate company. They really do supply people with one hundred percent original works and guarantee it to their client’s satisfaction. There are simply too many people who say they have tried it and liked it to ignore.

    Delivery from Edusson

    Last but not least, I would like to mention the delivery. Although I have a limited amount of time before the deadline and have asked to complete the task in the shorter terms, this service has coped with it. I have received my essay on time through the Internet.


    • Price. It is possible to independently choose the author with the appropriate price for the work.
    • Delivery. Employees of the online service comply with deadlines for the work what is important for students.
    • Support. There is a good customers support.


    • Website. The site design is quite modern, but there is a difficulty in finding the right information.
    • Service Quality. Special order form takes a lot of time to fill.
    • Discounts. There are no discount systems.
    • Quality of work. The poor quality of the final work, the authors are not native speakers.

    My Verdict

    So, the judge has returned from his deliberations, and the gallery waits in anticipation of what he’s decided. So, what’s the verdict? Edusson is an online writing service that supplies its clients with essays, research papers, and assignments completely confidentially.

    Their pricing system does vary according to what exactly it is that you want. This might be a sticking point for some people, but here’s the thing: do you want McDonald’s or do you want to get food from a five-star restaurant?

    Now, there’s nothing wrong with McDonald’s. It’s cheap, and it’s good for something fast, but you get what you pay for: cheap food. So, when a person is looking to get a fantastic essay, expect to pay for it!

    So, in conclusion, Edusson will get you a good paper or essay done, but do realize that an A or B paper requires good pay!



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