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    Edusson is a writing service whose basic clients are students. They apply this service in the hope that the company will do their boring assignments instead of them and in such a way to give them a little bit more free time for something more interesting. But is this service able to provide an excellent result without any troubles in the process of writing?

    Service & Design -

    To begin with, I would like to discuss the first thing I have faced with while collaborating with this service – their website. In general, it is quite modern; however, I have some difficulties finding the necessary information. The same I wrote in Bestessaytips review). There is a huge amount of useless data, for instance, about thesis definition or MLA format. Despite the fact, that I have been busy doing some other tasks, I had to spend some time trying to find out how to make the order.

    Speaking about Edusson, I cannot mention the fact that this company provides a wide range of services which are offered by this company. You can order a different kind of writing including argumentative essay and research paper outline. However, to make the order, you need to fill in a special form where you are supposed to point out the main requirements of your assignment. After that, you can see the list of writers who are ready to fulfill your task and choose one of them. From my point of view, it takes some time, but you may be sure that they will write an assignment of any kind, not just common ones.

    Price & Discounts of

    This process is really too long because you need to check carefully every writer who agrees to complete your task and maybe a lot of them. As for me, I spend at least half an hour reading the comments about 15 writers who were available when I asked for writing an assignment in essay format and chose only one of them. As far as I know, other services do this choice themselves – the customer has no possibility to choose the writer. It is a twofold situation. On the one hand, you have a choice, and on the other hand, you waste your time. One good point is that you can also see if the price is affordable for you while choosing the writer. So if the price asked by one of them doesn’t fit your purse, you are free to work with another one. It gives you the opportunity to set the best price policy for you at your own.  However, such freedom of choice leads to the creation of some drawbacks. Because of such a system, there are no discounts at all that was a kind of upsetting for me as for a student.

    Quality of Writing by Edusson

    I realize that my opinion concerning the quality of final result will not be very useful for those students who try to choose the writing service because I have experience of work with only one of them and don’t have the faintest idea about others. Frankly speaking, to say that I was disappointed with my choice (although it takes me so much time) will be underestimating. From my communication with the writer, I feel strongly about the fact that he wasn’t a native speaker and the way of expressing his thoughts, grammar structure and mistakes in the essay prove that. There are a lot of mistakes, by the way. Having received my assignment, I decided to check its accuracy with the help of essay checker. And as you may guess, I found a lot of them. This fact shows that the management of and those people who are responsible for the selection of working staff don’t pay close attention to the real level of competence of their workers. It seems to me that it will be good practice for them to check the portfolios of applicants more carefully in order to make sure that everything is written there are true. At this point, it is worth mentioning that this service doesn’t have return guarantees. So the only option that was opened for me was a free revision that was made by the same writer.

    Delivery from Edusson

    Last but not least, I would like to mention the delivery. Although I have a limited amount of time before the deadline and have asked to complete the task in the shorter terms, this service has coped with it. I have received my essay on time through the Internet.


    • Price. It is possible to independently choose the author with the appropriate price for the work.
    • Delivery. Employees of the online service comply with deadlines for the work what is important for students.
    • Support. There is a good customers support.


    • Website. The site design is quite modern, but there is a difficulty in finding the right information.
    • Service Quality. Special order form takes a lot of time to fill.
    • Discounts. There are no discount systems.
    • Quality of work. The poor quality of the final work, the authors are not native speakers.



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