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    So many different websites today allow students to hire an academic writer for their essays, dissertations, labs, and other types of assignments. All of them promise the same thing – to provide you with a high-quality piece of writing and bring you the best grade. But not all of them stand for their promises. I know it from my personal experience, as I order papers online quite often.

    I would like to share one of my most recent experiences and review Essay Company, a service you can find at

    I’ve seen both positive and negative comments about this service when I typed its name in a search query. I also visited the website to find more information directly from the company, and this helped me arrive at a decision to try ordering from them. So, this is my report about academic writing Essay-Company service and their offerings.


    Service & Design –

    When you first visit the website, you see a pretty nice homepage where you can quickly get a quote in order to understand how much you will have to pay for your assignment. You can also see some numbers the company is proud of (customer satisfaction rating, the number of writers and subjects available) as well as several customer reviews. Everything seems quite clear except there is no list of types of papers Essay-Company service deals with and no list of topics. This information becomes visible only when you proceed to filling out the order form, which isn’t really convenient.

    A number of links to dedicated pages on types of papers are featured at the bottom of the page, but they seem rather messy and hard to navigate; besides, some of them are duplicated. Despite that, it’s fairly easy to see that the range of services and topics offered by the company is really wide. This can be a real benefit for students like me who buy papers regularly. Thus, we can use one service to deal with all our homework.

    A pleasant surprise was to see some sample works available publicly on one of the website’s main pages. I downloaded a few, and they looked rather good. So, I followed the link to the ordering page.

    Price & Discounts of

    When filling out an order form, I found out that the topic affects the rate per page, which was somewhat disappointing. The quote generator on the homepage gave me an idea about a lower price, and now the price turned out to be higher. However, a few seconds later I realized I’m still receiving a good discount as a first-time client.

    The price I eventually paid for my EssayCompany paper abstract was slightly over $40, although the initial cost had to be almost $50. In case you wonder, my order details were as follows: a one-page PhD-level dissertation abstract on geography written by a TOP writer within a 48-hour long deadline. To me, the prices are average. I’ve seen lower as well as higher rates across other academic writing services.

    The good news is you don’t have to register an account if you’re just wondering about the prices. However, when placing your order, you will need to provide your personal information, such as email and phone number. By the way, there is an option to attach a document along with your order. I find it very convenient since I had to upload my whole dissertation for the writer to be able to write an abstract to it.

    The company claims they have occasional and seasonal discounts as well as a loyalty program. In addition to that, they write a bibliography and a title page for free.

    Quality Of Writing by

    Forty-eight hours after I submitted the order, I was able to download my paper. After I analyzed and made my paper writing critique Essay Company didn’t look like a top quality writing service for me anymore. I would say it’s just a bit higher than average, which means not the best one and not the worst one either. The same I said in review.

    The abstract was written pretty clearly but I was very annoyed to see a few mistakes (two misspellings, two grammar errors, and one missing comma, to be exact). To me, five mistakes per page is a lot, even though they are not critical.

    The manner of writing was good and I liked how the author adjusted to my own writing style, having read my dissertation. There also were some formatting issues. I needed to check the guidelines and reformat everything myself so that I would be sure about the quality. In case something similar happens to you and you don’t want to do it yourself, the company offers free unlimited revisions.

    Perhaps, I just wasn’t lucky with the choice of a writer. When I shared my experience with the other student in my class, she said she knew the company. She used to order EssayCompany essay analysis and loved it. So, I may suppose they do have decent writers there but there’s surely a lack of editors who would notice the mistakes I’ve found and fix them.


    Delivery from

    Concerning the deadlines, my order was somewhat urgent (48 hours before the due date) and maybe that was the reason it was not fulfilled perfectly. But if I had to choose between receiving a flawless paper with a delay and receiving a paper with few mistakes on time, I would still go for the latter. So, I’m satisfied with the delivery aspect. Besides, I was able to track my order through the personal account and be the first to find out in case it was ready before the deadline.



    • Free examples. If you want to check the quality of writing, you have several examples available.
    • Discounts. There are discounts available for first-time users.
    • Delivery. They are ready for the urgent orders and you can track the order through the personal account.



    • Information is not clear. There is no list of paper types. Essay-Company service deals with and no list of topics.
    • High prices. During filling out an order form, the topic affects the rate per page.
    • Quality of writing. Sometimes the client can receive the paper with several grammar, lexical or punctual mistakes.



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