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    The person who wasn’t a student can’t understand the situation when a complete blockage happens, and there is absolutely no time to write an essay, and, besides, your teacher overestimates the requirements, and there isn’t enough material for essay topics for high school. And the only one question you have is what to do? Don’t worry because I, like a regular student, has been in a situation like this several times. Firstly, I was waiting for the Muse to come, and for the inspiration to cover my headlong, but, unfortunately, a creative tide didn’t always come on time.


    That’s why I’ve realized that if I want to apply for a good grade, I need to make an order in one of the online services. I started to look for a suitable one, read review essay basics and stopped on is a website where you can order an essay at a low price and with guaranteed high quality, as there work real professionals who perfectly understand the specifics of writing a critical essay, as well as proposal essay. As a result, you will receive a truly unique creative work that fully corresponds to the presented parameters.

    Service & Design – Essaybasics

    The first thing I’ve paid my attention to while visiting a website was an attractive design like I watched and described in 123helpme review. Everything was very clear and available. This means that after placing an order, the specialists do not need to waste time on clarifying the details concerning the performance of the work. In addition to high-quality services and the ability to work in a short time, they guarantee a high uniqueness of the paper. The essays and research papers written by experts are always interesting and represent literary value. There are also managers available any time you want.

    We should say that it is very easy to buy a paper. It is enough to register on the site and place an order: specify the topic, the requirements of the university and the supervisor. If you have a plan, guidelines, financial statements or other materials of your university, make sure to attach them. Write additional requests in the attachments.

    A combination of convenient, comfortable navigation, powerful functionality and, of course, the aesthetic visual side make the webpage very accessible. Intuitive control, sufficient conciseness, simple, nice looking, colorsthese are the key characteristics of Essaybasics. It’s obvious that a real professional worked on it.

    I ordered an essay, and I’m not fully satisfied with my paper, and my mark would be four according to a ten-point scale, that’s why my review is not very positive. I had no problems connected with service or design; I wasn’t satisfied with my paper performance.

    Price & Discounts of Essaybasics

    Honestly, I was a little confused by the pricing list. They offer many discounts on their main page like 30% cheaper than others, 15% first client discount, up to 15% loyalty discount. But in reality, the price starts from $12.95 per page. The price of the paper varies from the difficulty of the paper and the number of pages.

    Low prices and efficiency distinguishes this site from many others. Using this proposal, you can get an original and immaculate paper writing, with which you will feel confident, boldly claiming a good score. All these advantages allow to perform the tasks fully, that’s why I’ve chosen it.

    The really good thing on essay basics is that you can subscribe to the cost of the site directly with the teachers. Each of their performers has ratings and reviews from other students. Of course, the price for a complex highly specialized paper, executed in a short time will be different from the usual free topic.

    Quality of Writing by Essaybasics

    Talking about Essaybasics review, the quality of the paper didn’t meet my expectations. Most of the material wasn’t connected with the topic of my writing. The words were with grammatical, spelling and punctuation errors; some phrases were simply incorrectly constructed, the endings of the words were not set correctly. I suspect that the work was done without any anti-plagiarism checker.

    The essay wasn’t written and arranged exactly the way I wanted, not all the nuances (including prices) that I have indicated in the process of communication with the performer were taken into account. I didn’t get the highest mark for that paper.


    Delivery from Essaybasics

    I received my paper on time, but, as I’ve mentioned before, it wasn’t perfect. But I’m satisfied with the fitting my deadline and receiving my essay just when I wanted it to receive.

    I guess that one of the main reasons for me getting not the best paper is that I haven’t completely filled the application. During filling in the application, you need to specify the required parameters of the future essay (not only the theme and time of execution, but also all that you consider necessary, any aspects and nuances). The executor is studying the task, contacting you and clarifying the work plan and its cost. Filing an application, processing it and refining the plan is carried out absolutely free of charge.

    As soon as all working moments are stipulated, you transfer the prepayment (30% of the amount of the order), and the specialist starts to work. After the expiration of the agreed time, you receive the ready-made text created under the previously agreed plan.



    • Clear design and available services. There is no need spending time on figuring information on an order, everything is in black and white.
    • Developed discounts system. The client benefits from cooperation.



    • Poor paper performance. The material used in the topic does not usually appeal to the general idea of writing and, together with lexical and grammatical mistakes, worsens the attitude to the service.
    • High prices are hidden in discounts. Though there are a lot of discounts, the average price is higher than usual.
    • The absence of anti-plagiarism checker. The lack of proofreading reflects in poor estimation.


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