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    Nowadays there are plenty of writing services that offer you to get an essay or another type of writing of high quality in a short period of time and with a small amount of money spent on it. But are they really as good as their colorful and impressive front pages on the Internet? I guess, no. And I have some reasons to think so. Why I think like this you can read on my custom writing reviews.

    Student life can be very hectic, and sometimes we have got no time to complete the tasks. That’s why such services as Essay Click become in handy.  All you have to do is to tell what kind of writing has to be done, the topic and the deadline. Sounds easy, doesn’t it? But there are some pitfalls you should be aware of not to be fooled or left without any writing at all.

    I want to share my experience of using Essay Click with you and warn you about possible troubles.

    I liked the front page very much at first. Everything seemed easy and fast. I needed the essay on a specific subject, and there was nothing complicated in making my order. But, as you know, the first impression is not always right. And in this case, it was deceptive.

    Service and design – EssayClick review

    I have to say, the design of the website is great. Essay Click has three major directions of work: writing from scratch, editing of the papers you already have and making presentations. Also, you have to choose what your paper is for: high school, college, university, Master’s degree or Ph.D. Afterwards, you write down the deadline and select the necessary amount of pages. That’s the time when the price shows up.

    The weird thing happens after that. You have to pick up the author by yourself. The question is: how do you know who is good for the job you offer? I thought that was the responsibility of the service to choose the right person for a specific kind of writing. So, that was a surprise to me.

    That’s very convenient that Essay Click offers you three main services that most students need, but there is no information on how exactly the writers can write for you. Different subjects have different writing methods, so you have to be aware of that before paying for anything.

    Guarantees and Safety

    The good thing about is that they have a revision policy and a money-back guarantee for genuine cases. Most websites only care about making money, and client satisfaction isn’t one of their top priorities. Once the paper is delivered, most writing services simply wash their hands off of it. However, this is not the case with Essayclick as the company will ensure that the client is satisfied with the work they receive. Their work is rigorously checked for plagiarism by numerous plagiarism detectors, and writers are instructed to strictly follow the guidelines given by the client so that the result is satisfactory for them.

    • Revision Policy:If the client is still not satisfied with the quality of the work they have received, they can have it revised for free. Provided they ask for a revision before the final deadline, which is 14 days from the initial delivery of the paper.
    • 100% money-back guarantee:For genuine cases, Essayclick even offers a 100% money-back guarantee! If there are any violations from the service provider’s side, then Essayclick will offer you back your entire sum. This just goes to show how confident, trustworthy, and ethical Essayclick is about the work they provide.
    • Security and Confidentiality:The service also offers complete confidentiality to protect their customers and ensure that no information is leaked. Unless required by federal law, Essayclick will never give out any information regarding its customers to any third party. Their customers’ privacy is well protected by the cookie-policy they have in place.

    Price and discounts of

    The service can charge you differently. It depends on how many days you need to have your writing paper done, amounts of pages and topic, of course. For example, an undergraduate essay done within 10 days will cost you approximately 28$. Unfortunately, there are no discounts for that student, who place their order for the first time. But you can get some deal when the paper you need will be quite large.

    The biggest problem here, however, is refund policy. It’s much stricter than advertised and, as it turns out, the chance you will get your money back is quite poor.

    When you have some issues with the service, you can write to them for free (as soon as you sign in), or call their support number. But after spending some hours on reading student’s reviews on Essay Click, it’s completely impossible to prove them wrong and get your money back for bad writings or not meeting a deadline. This situation makes me feel insecure, and I think it would bother not just me, but other future customers too.

    Quality of writing by EssayClick

    “Not all of the orders are done well. The quality depends on your luck” — this is the main idea of almost all reviews on the Internet about Essay Click. My experience can’t be called positive, so I agree with all the comments. After making my order I was quite sure, everything will be fine, as my topic wasn’t hard and I needed just a simple essay. But I was wrong. After I got my paper, I realized that was not what I wanted. The writing had to be for my university class, but I got an essay of a poor quality, and I’m not even sure it was written by a native speaker. The combinations of words in sentences were not always correct and, plus, there were a lot of those that are not used in our language for a long time. And I mentioned about my last experience what I described in Ewritingservice full review.

    I think you should learn about the author you are assigned to and be sure he or she can write what you need. Not all of the people who work there have the qualification in a specific area of science or art, and that’s okay. But I want to know that my money will be well spent and I get the writing which I can use eventually.

    My advice is to read the reviews first and learn about the authors before using any writing service. Maybe, you will find something better and have a choice between a couple of sites which you can use.

    Payment Options

    • Payment Method: PayPal

    Essayclick is a professional, private company, and therefore it is cautious about all its transactions. All payments are made through PayPal and are completely secure. All transaction details, along with personal information, are kept completely safe and are handled directly by PayPal. One of the fastest, easiest, and most reliable methods of online payment. Since payment has been outsourced to PayPal, customers are guaranteed complete transparency and security in all their transactions. This eliminates the chances of any type of fraud, especially credit card fraud, which is quite rampant in today’s day and age. Essayclick understands the severity of such issues, and how they could put a massive dent on their credibility and their client’s trust. To avoid any such problems from arising, Essayclick has limited payments to PayPal only. Reviews

    • I stumbled upon this site by chance about a month ago and promptly ordered an essay! I was seriously overburdened with assignments and had absolutely no time to study for my finals. I needed to write an amazing report and perform well in my finals if I wanted to pass my literature course. Unfortunately, I didn’t have enough time to do both. Though a little skeptical in the beginning, I decided to give the website a shot. I am so happy to tell you that the work they delivered surpassed all of my expectations and helped me secure fantastic grades!
    • I needed help writing my report for my term project. This project was extremely important for me, and I had worked very hard on collecting research for it. I had all of my preliminary research done, but I just could not put it into a cohesive form no matter how hard I tired. My college professors weren’t accommodating either, and I kept wasting time trying to form some semblance of a good report. A friend of mine recommended this website to me then, and I’m so glad I took her recommendation! delivered a stellar report to me that was very well received by my professor as well!
    • I’ve been working part-time for a while now, but the college workload was making it increasingly difficult for me to work and study at the same time. There was just too much pressure, and I had a ton of assignments that I had to complete. My professors were pretty ruthless about deadlines, too, so that didn’t help much either. I was honestly at my wit’s end and thinking about dropping out when I came upon the site. I was a little scared about there being plagiarism at work, but I was reassured that my work would be thoroughly checked before it is delivered to me. I got my assignments, and they were exactly what I had asked for! The best part, though, is how reasonable they are! Thank you, Essayclick!

    The service seems to be quite popular among high school, college, and even university students, with most people raving about the website. Most of the reviews on reinforced what an excellent service it was and how helpful it was for students. It was also rated highly by notable third-parties such as:

    • TechRadar, who gave them a trust score of 5.0
    • The ITSM Review, where they had and trust score of 4.0
    • Case Study where they had a trust score of 4.0
    • AP where they had a trust score of 4.0

    Therefore, we can safely conclude that is indeed a trustworthy site and provides satisfactory work to all its customers. We haven’t come across scathing reviews as yet, which is always a good sign. Most customers seemed quite satisfied with their work, though there were a few who sent it back for revision. But in the end, the revisions were both greatly appreciated and accepted as well. The 100% money-back guarantee is also an attractive feature that helps to increase the popularity of the site. So far, the site seems to be both helpful and reputable!

    Delivery from

    Everybody, who decides to use writing services for college or university classes, wants to feel secure when it comes to deadlines. Most students say they got their orders on time, but there are a lot of those, who had issues with that. I think it might be the biggest problem, because customers, in most cases, have sharp deadlines, so the time spent on writing the paper stands in the first place.

    Many customers don’t get their orders before the specified time and sometimes even one or two days after that. They can have it delivered so late that they don’t need it already. In this case, they lose their money, time and have problems at school or college.

    Luckily, I didn’t have problems with meeting the deadline, but I’m sorry for those students who had that experience. The funny thing is, you don’t know if they will manage to complete their job on time or not, and that freaks me out.


    • Attractive design. The website offers the well-grounded structure of its services shown on the front page.
    • Bad quality. The clients often complain about the bad quality of the writing they receive, which is related to poor grammar and content issues.
    • Diversity. Students can order any types of work they need ranging from writings from scratch to presentations.


    • Choosing the author by yourself. The client is able to choose an author for the writing he orders whereas he cannot be acquainted with his style of writing.
    • Difficulties to get a refund. The website offers poor refund policies that make it difficult for a client to get money back.
    • Late delivery. Customers complain that the writers often miss their deadline and send them one or two days later.

    My Verdict (Conclusion)

    According to my observations, the service seems to be legitimate, professional, and trustworthy. Since their writing team is quite strong, the work they produce will undoubtedly be of good quality as well. Besides, if the customer is not satisfied, they can always ask for free revisions as many times as they want until they are finally content with their work.

    Since PayPal handles all transactions, payment is safe, secure, and fast, so customers don’t have to worry about any sort of credit card fraud, or their information being leaked. The service itself is pretty reasonably priced as well since it is mostly for students. Getting a good quality essay written for a small fee is every overburdened students’ dream.

    Such services are a need of the time and can help students get better grades. However, not all of them provide good quality content or care about customer service., though, seems to tick all the boxes when it comes to being a highly reliable and credible essay writing source for students around the globe.



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