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    READ REVIEW Order now is one of the popular writing services for students. As well as all the other similar companies, it provides help in accomplishing different assignments that include creating drafts and outlines, completing researches, writing essays, reviews, personal reflections, proposals, and many other academic papers. These papers are edited for particular prices which depend on the complicity of the topic, a number of pages, and deadline time. services attract a significant number of students because of young people usually

    experience a range of difficulties while writing their papers. They do not know where to find all the necessary information, how to arrange it properly, how to create theses and conclusions, or how to cite the sources according to the required format. What is more, many of them do not have free time because of workload or family issues. Finally, a lot of students, especially the first graders, have to spend time on many other assignments and just do not have time to correct their research, rewrite drafts, and edit long essays.

    In this way, the essay edge appears to be a fast solution that helps to save time and get the assignment done in a fast and easy way. However, every visitor of the site is probably interested in whether this online service is reliable and provides high-quality papers on time. I have found this site approximately a year ago when I was surfing the net looking for some professional writer to complete my assignment. Numerous positive reviews essay edge reviews ensured me that I had to use that service and place my first order. Full of positive expectations, I imagined my positive marks for a paper written by a talented professional and was convinced that my paper would be the best among all the other students’ works.


    Service & Design of Essayedge

    The service offers the accomplishment of not only a different type of works. I was too excited by the design on (you can also read my Iwriteessays review). The assignments may be of different complexity and vary from a standard level to a premier. According to the official site of the company, the standard level of the assignment combines proofreading with a professional critique in order to help the customer to you strengthen his or her writing, includes one constructive critique of the structure of the paper, its unique content, and literary tone, and provides the option of the additional critique. In addition, this level provides the clients with a 48-hour turnaround option and includes a 24-hour rush option. Finally, the customer can use the option to choose the preferred editor and work with this professional only.

    In comparison to a standard level paper which costs from $149, the premier level is more comprehensive and provides the clients with a guide for the paper from brainstorming the topic to finishing the essay. Thus, for the paper which costs from $379, you will be able to have two phone conversations with the hired professional, two weeks of email support provided by this person, and even a 14 days period for a turnaround. In addition, the site provides proofreading services for the students and other people who are in a strong demand for a quick polish of their paper. The service of proofreading is much cheaper and costs almost half of the price for a standard level paper.

    It is important to mention the site has a well-developed design and, in combination with high prices for services and all the information available created a great first impression on the visitor. Thus, I felt this positive impression as well and made a decision to place my order there without any doubt in its quality. The interface was understandable, and it took only several minutes for me to place the order, contact the support, and wait for the accomplishment. When I had some questions, I did not contact the support but visited the FAQ page, where all the widespread questions were presented and answered with simple and understandable answers. As a matter of fact, it was a very convenient option for me as there was mentioned even the information I was not interested in but wanted to discover as well.

    Price & Discounts on Essayedge

    Because of the great design of the site, it is not difficult to find all the prices for the services provided. For sure, a significant number of writing companies have a detailed list of prices; however, this site provides an understandable subdivision for different levels of papers and the elements the mentioned price includes. At first, it is quite difficult to understand that the price for the paper will be; nonetheless, it is always possible to contact the support team and clarify all the information required. This particular feature was a disadvantage for me because it was impossible to clarify the final price of the paper by myself. What is more, when I asked to provide me some discount, the support refused to do it, despite the fact that it was my first order and I was a new client. Finally, the site may be characterized at comparatively high prices. Taking into account that the main target audience of this writing service is presented by students, it is quite unreasonable for them to set high prices as a great number of other writing services offer the same services for the more attractive prices that are affordable for students.

    On using this service, I can make a conclusion that this site has a strong need in a well-developed discount system. For sure, there are a lot of students who tend to use this service regularly, and a discount system would allow them to stay with this company for years, not looking for more attractive prices and a system of discounts. In addition, there is no discount or essayedge coupon for the newcomers, and a lot of people just refuse to deal with essayedge as many other writing companies offer discounts for placing the first order.

    Quality Of Editing of Essayedge

    On looking through the official site of the Essayedge company, it is possible to notice that all the essay edge reviews about the work of the service and quality of the papers are positive and full of compliments and words of thanks. For sure, I can not provide the Essayedge review on all the papers edited; however, I can write the Essayedge review on the experience I gained and the paper edited for me for the money I paid.

    The paper I ordered was delivered within the time negotiated, and I was provided with all the answers I required by the member of the support team. However, when I opened the file and looked through the paper, I realized that I had to read it one more time and edit it by myself. First of all, the paper was not arranged according to the MLA format I required for it. The second thing to be mentioned was that the essay for 5 pages had no comments on the thesis statement which is crucial for this type of academic work. The third was that there was no single in-text citation and all the references were not arranged correspondingly. Finally, the paper was full of grammar mistakes, and some of the sentences included strange word combinations that do not usually occur in the English language. Therefore, the quality of the paper did not correspond to its high price and was poor. As a result, my money was wasted as I had to rewrite the paper by myself, being taken aback by its awful quality. I think that I am not the only one who does not want to pay money in vain and obtain the edition of the basic level, which is full of grammar mistakes and does not contain any comment on the thesis statement. In this way, I am not sure whether this service hires the American native speakers only as the paper contained phrases that were not used in the English language at all.

    Delivery from Essayedge

    While writing my essay writing service review, it is important to mention that the paper was delivered on time negotiated in advance. Yes, the service provides the fast delivery of the orders and allows the clients to use the function of the 24-hour rush; however, it does not influence the common situation. The spoilt mood and a paper of poor quality cannot be compared to the positive feature of fast delivery. It is understandable that students usually are motivated by strict deadlines and are glad to get a paper of any quality in order to pass it on time. However, the price for the paper of such a quality is too high and does not correspond to the quality. In this way, it is possible for a student to get the unsatisfactory mark and have a considerable problem with passing the final exam.

    In addition, some writing services provide completed assignments within several hours only and do it for a lower price. Therefore, appears to be not the best possible solution to the problem at all. Finally, a good friend of mine also used this service two or three times and claimed that the delivery was not provided on time at both times, disappearing him deeply. For that reason, he made a decision not to deal with this service in the future and look for some other professional writers to hire.




    • Service and a Design. Good service and a great design.



    • Despite the fact that the support team is good, the design of the site does not allow to count the final price for the order.
    • Price. Prices are much higher in comparison to other writing services.
    • Quality of editing. The quality is poor and does not correspond to the prices paid for it.
    • Delivery. The paper may not be delivered on time without any explanation.


    1. When I first heard about essay edge, I opened the website and a great discount code immediately popped out. I ordered my term paper in a hurry since my deadline was only in three days. I decided to spend some extra money and ordered it within 2 days just to be sure, which turned out to be a good idea. The paper I got actually needed more than a revision, it needed to be formatted, proofread, and most parts needed changing.

    2. Please, just read essay edge reviews from people who really ordered from them! You’ll see that it’s not all sugar, cookies and rainbows, they are in fact so disappointing and a waste of money. And if you’re on a really tight budget, don’t even bother with them, find someone else, anything is better than this writing team!


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