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    When I have no time to write an essay or do a research paper, I buy them online. That’s a popular and effective solution used by many students around the globe. Throughout my three years of studying, I’ve addressed several different companies and still haven’t found the one I could send regularly. So, I’m still searching. And while I’m seeking, I’m trying to share my personal experience with fellow students so that we all could understand and remember who can be trusted and who can’t.

    The most recent paper I ordered was a creative essay. And I chose the service Essay Have to critique and review.

    Below I review EssayHave in different aspects. Hope it will be helpful.

    Service & Design – EssayHave

    As always, before I place an order, I have to check essay reviews on EssayHave. The search results showed very ambiguous results. There were both negative and positive comments about this company. So, I decided to step back and take a closer look at their website to be able to make a personal judgment. is designed to be convenient and straightforward. I was able to find all the info I needed pretty quickly. One of the most promising pages was the page with terms and conditions. Remembering my experience with other academic writing companies, I should say it is not typical of them to have the terms and conditions listed on their website so openly and transparently. I mean, they have to. But most of them don’t bother with that. And in most cases, those who don’t bother appear to be scams. So, has just earned the first point for credibility.

    According to these terms and conditions, the service ensures you will have your money back in case it doesn’t follow requirements. They also guarantee security for your account on the website and your payment details during the authorization of the payment.

    In the “How It Works” section of the website I found several video tutorials, which explain how to place an order, get a quote, manage a personal account, and contact customer support for help.

    You can view samples in PDF on the main page to get an idea of the style and academic level of writing. The only missing thing on the website, to me, was a clear list of services provided. Some of them were listed in the footer on the site, but it’s not complete.

    Price & Discounts of EssayHave

    The company’s pricing model is typical for this kind of business. The cost will depend on such factors as the academic level, the number of pages, and the deadline. The more comfortable and the less urgent your assignment is, the less you will pay for it.

    I’m not sure if it’s a benefit or a drawback, but the cost won’t depend on the type of work. All rates start at $10. seems to have a universal standard for all kinds of work. Some types of academic papers (e.g., dissertations and theses) are not available at the high school or undergraduate level, which means the starting rate will be higher.

    I ordered a creative essay two pages long to be ready in 24 hours and paid $44 for it. Unfortunately, this company doesn’t have first-time order discounts. However, they offer a system of discounts for customers who place big orders or order regularly. You can get a 5% for spending $500 on your paper, 10% for paying $1000, and 15% for spending $2000. It is a lifetime discount, meaning you can use it as long as you use your account.

    Essay Service Have reviews by other users show that some people are not satisfied with the pricing offered by the company. However, I found the rates to be meager compared to those of competitors. It’s a big plus, but it also raises some doubts as to the quality of writing. So, let me tell you about it next.

    Quality Of Writing by EssayHave

    When the paper was ready, I received an SMS notification. I was excited to see how well the writer has managed to do a creative task. At first glance, the writing seemed somewhat consistent and concise. I checked the text through Grammarly, and no issues were found. The same result by a plagiarism checker – no issues found.

    After examining the paper further, I noticed, though, that the language used and the overall writer’s voice is boring. I guess this would be fine if it were a typical essay or coursework. But the main feature of creative writing is a vivid language, beautiful imagination, and an exciting plot. I’m not saying the paper was total boredom. It just wasn’t as good as I expected.

    Delivery from EssayHave

    My creative essay was ready on the next day after the due date, but there was about a one-hour delay. Considering that my order was urgent (and that things happen), I can’t say I was annoyed by this.

    According to reviews, this company mostly doesn’t have issues with timely delivery. The similar things I wrote in Studymoose review. I’ve only seen a few customers report paper writing service to be late. But we all occasionally show up late, don’t we? To me, a minor delay isn’t critical as long as the quality is appropriate.


    • Convenient design. The service offers an easy search for the information and specific steps to be taken in order to place an order.
    • Credibility. The website involves the paragraph with terms and conditions, which guarantees a refund in case of writer’s failure to cover requirements.
    • Samples. The company provides the samples of papers done by writers, which enables to visualize the author style and professionalism.


    • The absence of order discounts. The company does not offer any discounts for new customers but provides discounts for regular clients.
    • Quality. The paper may fail on the content as the clients find the voice of the author does not align with the language used for specific types of writing.
    • Poor delivery. The website may fail to send the paper on time, though it happens rarely.


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