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    Essay shark is an online writing service that supports learners with the help in completing essays. It may sound like a perfect idea for those who claim: “Who can write my essay for me?” Such academic writing services are a real helper for those learners who can’t find the time for creating their academic paper themselves because of being too busy with other activities. Another type of learners do not actually rely on their writing skills, and that is their main reason for searching the help outside.

    I belong to those undergrads who always have no time and willingness to create an essay themselves. Having received the task to create a proverbial essay, I decided to look for the appropriate online writing service that would be able to complete my assignment for me. I also had one site for comparison – (read my Fastessay review). I came across Essay shark and became more interested in this website I read through different essay shark reviews that gave various estimations on Essay shark work. After all, I decided to give it a chance.


    Service & Design – Essayshark

    The first thing that attracted my attention was a stylish and beautiful design of the service. I can definitely say that the design creates a wonderful picture of the service in whole and is able to catch the visitors. The service has a structurally organized list of offers. This list of suggestions is very attractive and include creating an essay on various themes, even very specifics ones, completing various academic assignments on persuasive speech topics and lots of others. However, to my biggest disappointment, lots of the offer links are not active. This fact significantly worsens the whole image of the service.

    Searching on the website I have found the list of assignment reviews, research paper reviews, and different others that helped me to clear up how the website works. The working process of the current website is rather different from the others, but I managed to come to know the particulars. First thing I signed up on the website and posted my task. I waited for an immediate reply but was forced to wait for a while. In the response, I received a price that was stated for my order. I was able to choose the essayist I prefer. It was a bit of challenge for me as I wasn’t acknowledged with any of them but I guess it is a good convenience for the constant customers if they want the same author to complete their orders.

    There is one more thing that disappointed me, and it is the lack of good customer support. It would be great for the customers to check the process of creating their orders and communicate with workers discussing any question that bothers them.

    Price & Discounts of Essayshark

    The service claims that it supplies learners with their papers for extremely low and fair prices. Actually, there are lots of writing essay websites that do their job for considerably fewer prices. However, if compare it with the list of various other services, the prices here are rather affordable and are not difficult to be paid by any student. Particular essayists offer particular payment, but the minimum price for a page is 15,5 dollars. It is hard to state the definite price as it depends on many factors. Firstly, it is connected with the level of difficulty. Secondly, it depends on the deadline you state for your order. I made my decision not relying on the financial aspects and did not see any problem in paying a required price. However, for those learners, who are looking for more budget variant, Essay shark is not the best choice.

    One of the bad sides of this service is the absence of a money back guarantee. It is difficult for the customers to believe if they are not sure in the service reliability. There are not also any discounts for regular visitors, and this lessens the whole impression of the service.

    Quality Of Writing by Essayshark

    The service states that there is the list of proficient essay writers that are qualified in any of the scientific fields. Honestly, after receiving my order, I was slightly disappointed. It is hard to say that the value is horrible, but it is not high enough to fit the academic demands. The assignment was created in the general language. It would be appropriate for the secondary school but not for the high school. I agree that the quality tightly refers to the completer that does a paper. The service gives the visitor an opportunity to pick up the writer himself, so it is a matter of the case. When picking up an essayist for your order, be careful to find a native speaker with a reliable reputation.


    Delivery from Essayshark

    Happily, I got my order in time and was extremely glad to fit the college deadline. As any other undergrads, I see meeting the deadline as one of the most important factors in valuing a service. Being confident that you will get your paper in time lowers the stress and helps to stop worrying about the process of completing the order. Completing essay on following orders quickly, the writing service proves its reliability. Every student knows that there is no sense to pass the high-quality content if it is too late and the deadline is gone. So, it is the fastness of the delivery that means a lot.

    However, I could not find out about the day of receiving my order because of the lack of appropriate communication with an essayist. I prefer to watch the process of doing my paper.



    • Attractive design. The platform offers the well-organized structure of offers compiled in a coherent way.
    • Diversity. The website provides a range of papers including assignment reviews, persuasive speeches or research papers.
    • Fast delivery. The website guarantees fast delivery before due time or on time, which ensures the reliability of the service.



    • Poor support service. The website does not provide professional customer support, which affects the general order process and customer satisfaction.
    • The absence of refund and discounts. Customers are not able to get their money back or receive discounts for orders if they regularly use the platform.
    • Quality of writing. The level of writing sometimes does not correspond with the academic demands needed to meet by the writer.


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