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    It often happens that a person who has sufficient eloquence and the ability to express his or her thoughts on paper has difficulty in starting an assignment, including an essay. Thinking of the beginning can take a long time, which greatly darkens the process. Essay writing takes away a huge amount of time that can be spent more usefully. Working students prefer to delegate the writing to specialists, and, during that time, get practical skills and experience. That is why students decide to ask for online service help.

    The website I have decided to choose is called is an essay writing service that will make your student life easy, hassle-free and fun. Spend less time on tiresome homework and more time doing things you love. It guarantees the highest level of quality presentation of the material and provides protection against an unfair performance of the task.

    They assure that professional authors, teachers of universities with extensive experience will work on your writing. It is easy to trust professionals – it is enough to register on the site and place an order: specify the topic, the requirements of the university and the supervisor. If you have a plan, guidelines, financial statements or other materials of your university, make sure to attach them. Write additional requests in the attachments. I had attachments connected with the content of the essay, and they all were described in the text. That is a big plus.

    The attractive is that the agency is improving and developing every day. They occupy a leading position in the market of educational centres, proof of which is thousands of satisfied students. Some of those students are my group mates that recommended me to save my time and order an essay of high quality. Read about my review below!


    Service & Design – EssayTigers

    I am the kind of person who pays attention to the quality of service whether it is a shop, a train, a bank or any other public place. The same is with the service of the website. Even if my paper is not written perfectly but the service was amazing, I can order I paper from the same agency one more time.

    Talking about the service of, I can say that it was okay. They work in all areas of economic, legal, humanitarian and social sciences. Each writing corresponds to the State Standards and the requirements of a particular university. They are available 24/7 and, besides, I had a night shift, that’s why I decided to check on which stage my paper was, and the authors replied to me immediately. Also, the same I said in my Aresearchguide review.

    Visually attractive page always attracts the eye and makes you wonder – what’s inside? But the first opinion, although important, cannot guarantee success. Entering the site, the first thing I draw my attention to was graphic design and ease of navigation. In most cases, the visitor’s decision depends on the impression that the appearance of site produces: stay on the page or continue searching on other resources. I decided to stay as I could easily navigate on its pages, find the necessary information, be able to return to the main page quickly.

    Unfortunately, the base of its design is the template but not an individual development. It attracts with its cheapness and readiness for use at any moment in time, without long development and waiting but not with the uniqueness and loyalty of visitors and search engines.

    As for me, the design of the website is regular and implies the existence of a huge number of sites-doubles, which is bad, and may also have a bad impact on the ranking of search engines.

    Price & Discounts on EssayTigers

    Honestly, I was a little confused by the pricing list. They offer many discounts on their main page like 30% cheaper than others, 15% first client discount, up to 15% loyalty discount. But in reality, the price starts at 10.00 dollars per page. The price of the paper varies from the difficulty of the paper and the number of pages.

    I am a regular student, and the price of 10 dollars per page was very attractive. What is really good on is that you can subscribe to the cost of the site directly with the teachers. Each of their performers has ratings and reviews from other students. Of course, the price for a complex highly specialized paper, executed in a short time will be different from the usual free topic.

    I also like the possibility to calculate the price that is on the main page. You just click the requirements you need like academic level (undergraduate, bachelor or professional), as well as deadline and number of pages and the total price of the paper in front of you.

    If you do not like the price, you can agree on the cost of the paper directly with the writers. Each of their performers has a rating and reviews of other students. Of course, the price for a complex, highly specialized essay performed in a short time will differ from the usual one on a free topic.

    Low prices and efficiency distinguishes this site from many others. Using this proposal, you can get an original and immaculate paper writing, with which you will feel confident, boldly claiming a good score. All these advantages allow to perform the tasks fully, that is why I have chosen it.

    Quality Of Writing by EssayTigers

    The authors of the website definitely know that to write an essay, they must read the text, understand its essence and determine what your attitude to the basic idea is. Moreover, despite the fact that this is your personal response, it must be objective, not emotional.

    I mentioned in my attachments that one of the most common and reliable ways to write an essay is to use the principle of “sandwich,” which my teacher likes the most. Its essence is in giving arguments “for” and “against,” that is, the topic is considered from opposite points of view.

    I liked the quality of my paper as it had:

    • The presence of a certain narrow topic that contains the problem and encourages the reader to think.
    • Subjective author’s position. My essay, written by professionals from is distinguished by the presence of the author’s view of the existing problem, its relation to the world, speech, and thinking.
    • Speaking style of writing. Complex formulations, too long sentences were avoided. They followed a casual style to establish contact with the reader, and at the same time, they did not turn the essay into low-quality text, full of slang. The correct emotional color of the text gave short, simple and understandable sentences, the use of different intonation in the sentences.
    • Detailed problem analysis. The point of view was based on factual material.
    • Free construction. My essay was in the form of presentation, which did not fit into any specific framework.

    But everything looked so good just from the first point of view. After detailed reading, I have found some mistakes that will be described in pros and cons paragraph.

    Delivery from EssayTigers

    The feature of my character I do not like the most is that I like to do everything at the last moment. I had two days before my essay deadline, and only then I have decided to order the paper. As it was only two days left, the price of my paper was big, but I was surprised when they delivered it on time.

    I showed it to my teacher, and he gave it back to me for rewriting. I was so disappointed and mad. I wanted my money back, and they promised to rewrite my essay in one day. I decided to give it a try. As a result, I have gotten almost a perfect essay. It allowed the teacher to assess the real level of knowledge of the student: the ability to own and use terminology, to express thoughts and argue them. to formulate an interpretation of the main idea of the statement, which is based on personal understanding and general impression of the quotation.

    You can pay after receiving the paper. In the case being not satisfied with the result, they issue a refund or make the necessary revisions free of charge and make everything possible for you to get A for the assignment. It is the business of the website.



    • Ability to choose a writer. A client is offered to pick up the writer by him/herself, which varies from regular to top 10 writers working at the platform.
    • Diversity. The platform provides a range of offers including essays, dissertation services, questions and problems, and admissions.
    • Deadlines. The shortest deadlines provided by the company are 8 hours which is longer than in other companies.


    • Additional costs. The client should pay additionally for abstract, formatting, and plagiarism check, which is free among other companies.
    • Variation in prices. Some types of writings are more expensive than others: for admission essay, you need to more than for essay or dissertation.
    • Lack of information. The platform does not provide any data about writers and their expertise.


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