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    Have you ever thought about who writes all these essays, which you order while studying in college or university? At first, I tried to do something myself, but I even didn’t make a plan, and it didn’t work out. In the meantime, a classmate had already successfully ordered a job on some site and boasted about the national honor society essay.

    And so, surfing the Internet, I was looking for the most rated pages with positive reviews, but none of the existing ones inspired me with complete trust, because, yes, everything is written on the website impressively – it’s beautiful, but you should see the reviews and all hope leaves which implies that you write the work through the Internet. It is not so bad if they write a little bit, like if they throw something and do not write anything, and if there is such a thing in reviews, then I immediately dismiss such “help.” I meant it, for example, the website, where reviews leave much to be desired.

    In general, I doubted that something normal would come, but in vain, it was decided to order the essay. I rate 6 of 10 points for my essay, and I will tell you why.


    Service & Design – Essaywriters

    The site was found, I proceed to registration.

    The interface here is much simpler than I on (read Domywriting review). Everything is clear and understandable at first glance, including when placing an order.

    We enter, and a personal account page opens in front of us, where we immediately fill in the details of our order to find out the price and select the essay writers you like. The quality of work depends on your choice! It depends on your choice of author.

    How does this system work? It’s very simple; you have a small choice, but still… You fill out this form and put it on display to the authors, within 30 minutes there are 3-6 workers willing to do your work while putting forward their criteria, such as terms of work, the percentage of prepayment and of course the price. But I advise you not to wait 30 minutes, but about a day or two, because someone will refuse, someone will add a new one, usually those whose prices are much lower).

    The site is bright, simple and understandable. There are approximate prices for work, decorated well. Immediately after filling in the questionnaire about the order, the call center starts to call: “We have calculated the cost of your work, pay half.”

    Price & Discounts of Essaywriters

    The payment system is based on a partial prepayment; then your order is executed, a message appears that it is ready. Then you pay for the second half and only then get a link to download your work. If you delay the payment, they call you again and ask if you are going to pay. It is the stock exchange, that is, whose offer will suit the customer, and that work. As a rule, choose by price and rating. It should be understood that the rating, especially when there is a lot of work, is a subjective thing. I have been working in information aid for a long time; I can say that among students, in the general mass, people are grateful – you will do something well, then they turn again. But it’s still personal communication; many people behave somewhat differently in the network, so the rating is not always a quality indicator. Of course, if you compare the essay writer’s review at which you work on the ad and the rates on the site, then the latter is approximately 50% lower.

    Quality of writing by Essaywriters

    In the specified time, the work was ready by the essay typer, and at one point I decided to read the work in a format, check the practical part, see and evaluate the work. What was my surprise when the work was done not for the enterprise I specified, I simply compared the data in work and in the accounting reports on the company’s website, and indeed during the proceedings it turned out that the work was completely downloaded from the Internet, from the site where the works are downloaded for points, I don’t remember the exact name, unfortunately. They used APA citation generator free. In general, after much correspondence and evidence of their wrongfulness, they returned the money for the work and did not edit my paper.

    I sent the teacher to check. And she did not even see what they sent there. There were a lot of mistakes. There were serious mistakes. As if the work of a business is a paper editor who did not really understand what he was writing remarks are corrected within five days? But since there was no time, they corrected quickly-1, 1, five days. Well, how to say corrected – out of 10 comments, only 3were corrected by essay checker. They probably thought they wouldn’t notice anyway. The result – the constant forwarding messages for corrections. There were three days left before the diploma, and the writer made mistakes and comments.


    Delivery from Essaywriters

    On September 18, I repaid the full amount and began to wait. The term was up to 25 September. The day before the end of work, not very pleasant news was waiting for me:

    It turns out my work is not ready, and the timing of shaking. And if I donate it tomorrow?! No, of course not, we are all human and unforeseen circumstances may occur, so I asked for compensation to add a few more sheets to add the smaller ones myself. The answer was positive and again – expectations.

    On 29 of September, I was at the site until 0:00, the author was also online, but she did not answer my question but simply left it unread. I was very upset, did they really throw me…I went to bed, in the morning – nothing again. Already at school, she told everyone that the money seemed to have been wasted … But, at 2 pm, I finally got a job. So, they pulled with it until the last day.


    • Simple interface. It is clear enough for any new visitor and easy to find any information.
    • Convenient system of paying. You are not required to give the whole price at the beginning and pay only half of it.
    • You choose the writer yourself. The writers who want to complete your order provide their suggestions, and you are able to pick up what you want.


    • The lack of interaction with the writer. The writers do not answer the question timely and simply ignore the customers.
    • An imperfect system of delivery. The customer does not know exactly when he/she will receive the paper as the terms are usually missed.
    • The lack of originality. It is a substantial drawback as the significant papers are required to be absolutely unique.


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