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    Nowadays, online writing services are becoming more and more popular. There are students searching for help with college or university assignments, and writing assistance services are always there to help them. is a service providing assistance with different types of writing assignments, including essays, term papers, coursework, reports, dissertations, and others.

    They claim to be the best service in the United States that helps students with their academic papers and ensures the highest quality of writing. Apparently, students searching for writing assistance online want to know whether the service they choose is legit and whether it will actually give them what they want. That is why I decided to share with you my experience with this particular service and write a brief Essaywritersworld review.

    What is Essaywritersworld

    Service & Design – Essaywritersworld

    If you have ever googled something like “buy dissertation online,” “who can write a research paper for me,” or “how to write a 5-page paper,” you can definitely visit website. When you first look at their website, you can see a rather attractively-looking website which shows regular updates and is easy in use. However, you can see that there is much more beyond an attractive picture. In particular, the company claims to be the best writing service in the country and ensures potential clients that they will definitely get A+ or A marks for their papers if they use Essay writers world. It seems doubtful that the service ensures such high marks as the quality of papers should be really extraordinary.

    The company offers a wide variety of services. They include some typical writing assignments, such as reflection essays, essays review, or coursework, and also more difficult assignments, such as business reports, financial analysis papers, capstone projects, and others. In order to deliver such papers, the company should have numerous writers proficient in different spheres and disciplines.

    I have ordered a 10-page research paper in Psychology. I thought that such type of writing assignments was a common one, and I expected that Essaywritersworld would develop a really good paper. However, I was disappointed with both the quality of writing and the content. They even do not know how long should a literature review be for a research paper. The literature review in my paper was just a half of a page, while I expected at least two pages outlining the most significant points of the scientific research on the topic. It proves that in fact, the overall quality of a paper strongly depends on the writer’s skills and proficiency, and some writers may even not be familiar with the basic rules of papers’ structuring and academic writing.

    Essaywritersworld review – Price & Discounts

    When I got my paper, I decided to share my experience with other students and review Essaywritersworld. Speaking about prices, I should say that there is no information about pricing on the website. However, a potential client can use a special calculator and find out an approximate price for the order depending on instructions, deadline, number of pages, and other details. I should note that the prices are too high for an average student. First, I thought that the paper would be worth it, but then I realized that there was nothing special about the service to demand such high prices like in (read more about this service in my Masterpapers review).

    The system of discounts is not understandable. The matter is that there is no specific information about discounts on the website. Clients can only calculate their discounts by adding some information about the order and personal data. It is rather uncomfortable. Finally, the discounts are too small when taking into account the price of the completed paper. For instance, I got only a one-dollar discount for my order as a first-time user.

    Quality of Writing by Essaywritersworld

    In general, the quality of writing is rather good but nothing special. Also, I think that it strongly depends on a particular writer and his/her skills. If the writer is not proficient in a particular sphere or is not familiar with a certain type of writing assignment, the quality of the paper can suffer from it. Also, in my paper, some specific instructions concerning format and structure were not met. What is more, some parts of my paper were plagiarized. There was information taken from the outside sources and not cited.


    Delivery from Essaywritersworld

    The aspect that disappointed me the most was delivery. First, I ordered a paper with a 12-hour deadline. However, I got it in 24 hours. Fortunately, I predicted it and had some time left to turn the paper to my professor. What is more, the customer service was pretty bad. On their website, there is a live chat, where customers can talk with support and writers and clarify some details or ask about the progress of their papers. However, when I used this chat, I got no reply. The same was with their support office number. I was confused and wanted to know when my paper would be completed as the original deadline was not met.


    • Attractively-looking web page. Due to constant updates, the company keeps up with new trends in design and attracts customers.
    • Calculate the price by yourself. There are a lot of exceptions in terms of pricing; it is better to count by yourself.
    • Good quality. Nice writing with a typical layout.


    • Tricky service. There are several examples of the types of writing, but they differ from the actual essay that you get.
    • Small discounts. As a client counts by himself/herself, he/she can miss discounts line.
    • Neglecting of instructions. The writers stick to the typical patterns of writing.


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