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    Homework-writer.com is an essay writing service that helps students do their homework papers for money. People all over the world can turn to this essay review service for help. For a modern student, there are many reasons for ordering homework papers to be done by someone else rather than doing them by themselves. Every day, like many other students, I need to accomplish many tasks that are quite a time and effort consuming. There are often just too much of such tasks, which makes it virtually impossible to deal with everything in time, or the subject in question is not very interesting to you. Therefore you do not want to go deep into it. Without a doubt, all students want to facilitate their lives, and I do not make an exception.

    Usually, where the help is needed the most is in writing essays. Many people find it difficult to structure their thoughts and put them on paper correctly. In cases like this, such kind of sites is very helpful. If the services offered are of good quality, they become our true salvation. Once I had to write a sizable literature essay on a subject, I was not particularly interested in, and I did not really have time to do it. Therefore, I decided to seek help from people who, as I thought, would do the assignment better than I would and who are more acquainted with the material. In fact, such services are rather widespread. That was the reason why there began to emerge many sites that offer essay writing services. After looking at some of them, I chose this one, which I later regretted. So, why did I choose this essay writing service and why was my choice wrong?


    Service & Design of Homework-writer

    The first thing that drew my attention was the site design. Now I understand that I should not let my choice of a site that would help me solve my scientific problem be guided by aesthetic needs, but I was delighted to browse the page that was pleasant to look upon. Unfortunately, I judged the book by its cover. The design of the site is masterfully done, but it should, first of all, be easy to use, and it is certainly not.

    A person who is not an experienced Internet user will have a hard time looking for the information they need there. This is highly important for me, as my expertise in Internet usage has not been big enough. For quite a long time I wandered around the site looking for the information I needed. The site features a range of services offered to clients, namely doing homework on various subjects and any level of complexity. The client can even choose the deadline for the homework writing accomplishment.

    Sounds nice, if only it was true. I have been scrolling through a long list of subjects student can be helped with and found out it does not include a lot of subjects studied in colleges and universities. Evidently, the range of services the site offers is not large enough. The minimum time for task completion is 6 hours. At first, it seemed great, but in case the task I have is not very difficult or big, why should I wait for 6 hours? I believe this time could be reduced. It would also be nice to have an opportunity to pay extra money for urgent assignments. In the long run, the site may lose many customers because, with other services like that, one can make an order that would be ready in 2 hours.

    All site information is categorized. You choose what you need, and just click it. In fact, it is very convenient, although the categories do not cover the whole spectrum of the information needed. I like it when information is written clearly and concisely, but on this page, I had to read a great deal of additional text that I did not need. I spent much time just to understand how it works. The only convenient thing was the FAQ section with the selected questions, most often asked by clients, and immediate answers to them. Therefore, you do not need to call the support team in order to get the information; you just have to read everything carefully.

    To make an order, you need to choose the type of the task, the number of pages, the academic level, specify the subject and make personal clarifications. If you need help with ordering, you can contact the customer support team and get help from them. Unfortunately, it was hasty of me to call these people a support team. The site provides an e-mail and a support phone number. After I wrote a letter to their e-mail, I had to wait for a long time to get an answer. Then I realized that I could wait for eternity without a reply and decided to call, but it was not successful either.

    The call was put on hold and, at first, I considered it a good sign because it meant I was not the only one to refer to this company, there were other students as well. Therefore it could be trusted. But my satisfaction did not last for long. It all changed when the staff member picked up the phone. From his first words, I realized that he did not know how to communicate with clients properly. I encountered such an attitude for the first time in my life. Not only were the site team unskilled writers but they were also non-professional managers who could not find a right approach to their clients. Yes, they help customers at every stage of the ordering process, explaining every unclear detail, but each client wants to feel special, requires respect and understanding. The site team fails to provide its users with such a feeling. The conversation with the support staff disappointed me. During it, I had the impression that I was talking to a robot who spoke using learned phrases and did not really listen to what I said. His speech was also too quick, and I did not always manage to catch the essence of the conversation and, therefore, did not know how to act; when I asked the manager to repeat, he sighed and did it quite reluctantly.

    However, the thing that disappointed most of all was that I did not have the opportunity to contact a person who worked on my order. Site managers simply did not let me do this, hiding behind their so-called privacy policy. Every professional business company must have impeccable customer service so that all its clients can get help and answers for their questions.

    Price & Discounts on Homework-writer

    Many factors affect the price of this service. First is the time is given for the task completion. It can vary from 6 hours to 10 days and more. Second is the number of pages you need, and academic level that you require. There are numerous options so that you can choose one that best meets your needs. To pay for an order, the site offers to use PayPal – the safest and the easiest way to send money online. All the transactions together with your personal information are 100% confidential. The pricing policy provides discounts for loyal clients. You can also get a discount on the many-page order. I was pleasantly surprised after reading this, for my assignment was supposed to be rather big. To get such a reduction, you need to contact the support group, who will guide you through the process of obtaining it. Nevertheless, it turned out that my order was not large enough to get a discount. It was very upsetting, more so, I did not even get an adequate answer to the question about the minimum volume for which the discount is guaranteed. This confirms one more time that much of the information on the site is just a fancy promotional trick that does not meet the reality.

    I will pay any amount of money if the product I receive is of high quality. I cannot say that the prices on the site are high because it is hard work and it must be appreciated. Additionally, comparing it with other sites that provide services of this kind, I can say that the prices at Home writer.com are very reasonable. You can also choose the currency for payment, which is very convenient. Another great advantage is that the site has an online price calculator. You can compute the price for your task by yourself. This way, you will immediately know how much you need to pay. Hence, you can be sure no one tricks you with the price. On the other hand, after you paid for an order, the company provides you with no guarantees that you will get the assignment done. You must simply take their word on that.

    Quality Of Writing of Homework-writer

    Of course, everyone who decided to turn to the outside party to get the assignment done wants to make sure they do it well, for there is no reason to pay for poorly done work, moreover, if we could do it by ourselves. The quality of the work is the most important aspect here because people pay money for it and do not expect to fail the subject or get bad marks. Therefore, before making orders on such kind of sites, it is necessary to critically evaluate the quality of their customer service and task execution, and, of course, compare it with other sites. At first sight, the major advantage of this essay writing service is that it offers examples of tasks that have already been performed for other students, which you can download and read. This made me believe in the site s credibility. I never came across such service on any other site. I thought it to be a good sign, as it showed that the team are confident in the quality of their work and can proudly demonstrate it.

    A potential client can assess the writer s product, analyze its content and design, and then decide whether it meets their requirements. I did it. But after reading a couple of samples, I did not see that they were written by professionals, specialists who are fluent in English and experienced in different fields of science. The site indicates that managers group the orders according to the topics and later pass them on to the writers who specialize in the respecting fields and have the necessary experience to do the work in the best possible way. It is also emphasized that the writers are university graduates with high average marks. Unfortunately, at the time when I was reading the sample works, I have already made an order, and my essay has already started being written. When I got the final draft, I saw that it was indeed one big promotional trick.

    The university graduate is not supposed to write with such atrocious mistakes. As far as the reviews posted on the site are concerned, there are both positive and negative ones. I do not believe the approving reviews, still remembering all the mistakes I have found in my order. I think they were written by the site staff themselves in order to lure gullible customers. Moreover, I do not think that people not doing their homework by themselves will be willing to show it publicly, leaving feedback. I am a college student, and, like many other students, I understand the importance of deadlines. Unfortunately, the writers of the site do not pay heed to such things. Not only was my essay riddled with errors, but it was also delivered a day after the deadline. On the day when I had to get the final draft, I called the support service, but no one picked up.

    I think the employees had been warned about the situation. The fact that I did not hand in the essay on time cost me a lot of pain in college, and it could get even worse if not for an understanding professor who nevertheless accepted my work. Fortunately, the essay was not copied and passed the plagiarism check; otherwise, I could be expelled from college! It is not a joke. Writers must take into account the importance of their work, and be more conscientious with the orders. Alternatively, the managers could try to pick the staff more diligently. The only good thing was that they returned me a part of the sum I paid, although I demanded a full refund.

    Delivery from Homework-writer

    After the task had been completed, it was available for downloading through my personal account, which I created after I had paid for the order. To get a ready file, all you need is to log into your account and download it. Apart from that, the writer sent a copy of it to my e-mail. Speaking about deliver, it was on time, the same I said about Uktopwriters.com in my Uktopwriters review.



    • Strict confidentiality. The company does not disclose any information about its clients.
    • The absence of plagiarism. Each order is verified by several plagiarism check systems before being delivered to the client.


    • Inefficient quality of the completed assignment. My essay was written with grammatical errors, the information described was not verified, and the number of pages did not meet my requirements.
    • Unskilled and intolerant support staff. Communication with them gave me only negative emotions.
    • The range of subjects in which you can get help is not broad enough.
    • The writers do not meet deadlines.
    • In case there are problems with an order, the site does not provide a full refund.
    • The absence of a real discount system. I did not receive the discount that was promised.


    1. Homework-writer is the first writing service I used and I was really disappointed. I expected fantastic things from the reviews and comments but felt I didn’t receive a level of service equal to what I paid for. The essay was delivered to me on time, but it felt a little generic – nothing really stood out to me!


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