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    Good-looking interface, lots of free options offered on the main page, and nice testimonials – these are the main details we see when opening the JustBuyEssay paper writing service and describe our opinion on essay review service. Is this description relevant to their real service that this company provides? It is what we are going to tell you at the end of this JustBuyEssay review after conducting an experiment. We have ordered an article at this website, paid money, and underwent the step-by-step procedure of getting the task done. Now we are ready to share with you our real experience so that you know what to expect when making an order at this essay writing service.


    About A Project

    To begin making an order, a student has to click on the table situated conveniently on the right of the main page. Here you can also see the variety of writing types. The program offers three main sub-kinds. These are editing, writing, and slides. It means that here we can also order a Powerpoint presentation, which is a huge plus for this essay service.

    There is an option of selecting the academic level of your essay typer. We assume that it is where the further choosing process goes subdivided to get the most suitable writer for the client. We have clicked on the college level.

    Now we got to the deadline option. The earliest one is 6 hours which is pretty good for any student who needs to get a short essay on a simple topic. We have decided to take three days for the deadline, and the system showed $60 to pay.

    After clicking the proceed bottom, we get to the following page which has much more subdivided categories to include. Here you can add all the details about your paper. It’s vital to mention that all the main aspects are included: format, title, spacing, and even the option of express checkout. It is really convenient and quick for students. However, in the next sections, we will discover something more intriguing about the facts which JustBuyEssay tried to hide on their website.

    Service & Design – JustBuyEssay review

    When talking about service, we have decided to find the JustBuyEssay сomment function with the available feedbacks online. It is vital to mention in this JustBuyEssay overview that the feedback system is not included as well. Although you can see positive testimonials at the end of the main page when scrolling it down, they don’t look quite realistic. Smiling people look like Google images taken from the free pictures. Such situation has FreshEssays.com (read my Freshessays review).
    We say this firmly because after receiving the order there wasn’t any opportunity to leave our feedback. Even when we asked to write the feedback, the support service representative kindly explained that not all customers can leave their opinion about the service. Anyway, it’s up to you to decide whether to believe these testimonials or take them with a pinch of salt.

    We didn’t stop on reading only positive “mechanic” testimonials offered on the website but went further. There are lots of other unbiased websites where students share their real-life experience of using similar college essay editing service. We were taken aback when started to read only negative comments: high prices, missed deadlines, high plagiarism rate. I scrolled down the comments and managed to find lots of positive ones as well: discounts offers, high quality, professional attitude. We couldn’t understand how one and the same service can receive so different testimonials. And we decided that the user experience depended on the writer that you get as well as the support service representative. The quality may vary but it’s not news that such services depend on the human factor.

    Price & Discounts

    Taking objectively the pricing of this essay editing service, we have come to the conclusion that the pricing is still higher than average. The price doesn’t very much if you take longer or shorter deadlines. For our 3 pages essay on a simple topic for 3 days paying $60 dollars is honestly too much. If I have that assignment, I would rather prepare this essay by myself. As for the editing service, it is cheaper but higher in $5-10 than other similar websites.

    One thing that attracts loyal customers at JustBuyEssay is the discount option. Not many websites offer this opportunity for clients. All you have to do is to type the code which you get when inviting a friend or taking new orders. This system of loyalty does attract previous clients to order more papers only here. For these reasons, the initial high price can be explained.

    Guarantees and Safety

    Many students today worry about their identity getting revealed when they use writing services online. Unlike other websites that have vague privacy policies, which confuse users, JustBuyEssay places their clients’ confidentiality first and offers calculated privacy policies. Important data like your information and details of the essay (such as subject, title, course) are protected under a modern encryption algorithm that makes it impossible for any party other than yourself to access it. You need not worry about the safety of your identity. JustBuyEssay keeps all contacts concealed from other users and customers.

    Apart from their clients’ identity, the website also promises money-back guarantees. If any client is unsatisfied with the service, they can ask for a refund per the website’s policies. However, for a refund, the situation must fulfill certain requirements. So, when is a refund possible? When the paper is delivered late, is of low quality, or if there was a problem with payment. Under these conditions, users can claim a full refund.

    JustBuyEssay has a friendly customer service team, and the website has simple interface features that make it easy to use. With an organized system and safe access to all the services, JustBuyEssay is a dependable service to help you manage that academic weight.

    Quality Of Writing by JustBuyEssay

    Before we have received the final paper we decided to browse via the website to find samples or free texts. There is a category with such works on the sample papers page. However, there weren’t many articles available. Moreover, the spectrum of subjects is very narrow. It looks that the company has only started to develop this category. Also, the database is not available online for free. You need to pay to get the entire text. At this moment there are not enough papers for understanding the quality of texts.

    When we have received our 3-pages essay, we gave it to a professional editor for clarifying the real quality. He said that the paper was well-structured with a clear thesis statement. The topic sentences, arguments, and examples were put in a logical way to convince the reader. However, there were several minor mistakes in grammar which deprived us of saying that the text is ideal. Having said that, the essay was well-written and deserved an A.

    justbuyessay price review

    Payment Options

    The payment deadline varies and depends upon the deadline, the academic level of the assignment, and the number of words/pages needed. For example, for a high school level assignment of two pages with a deadline of more than ten days may cost approximately 13 USD. The prices are the same for all services, be it an essay, presentation, or editing.

    The payment procedure is through PayPal, which ensures a secure payment procedure. By using PayPal, you have the guarantee that your money won’t be misused and will reach the intended party in time.

    JustBuyEssay has a variety of different pricing options too. While their pricing options may seem to be exceedingly expensive, the truth is that they are relatively cheap when compared to other sites offering similar services.

    The service also offers bonuses and exclusive discounts for regular customers, which significantly lowers the original price rates. The payment options are available in quite a few currencies, such as the Pound (GBP), Euro (EUR), Australian Dollar (AUD), and the Canadian dollar (CAD).

    JustBuyEssay Reviews

    The website has garnered positive customer recognition. Thanks to its diverse services and client-friendly communication, many students loyally visit the website for academic help. Many website reviews praise the fast and diligent customer support system that doesn’t bother customers for tedious procedures, lengthy forms, or unnecessary details. It is straightforward and handled by skilled communicators. Students continue to use the site and trust the service for plagiarism-free, authentic content.

    JustBuyEssay has a reputation of never missing a deadline and also provides urgent services as fast as a 6-hour deadline. Many customers rely on the writers that the site appoints for assignments, and the service saves them a lot of time. Customers are not only satisfied with the delivery of their services; a majority of students have also achieved A grades for the work done through JustBuyEssay.

    Don’t believe us? Just have a look at these customer reviews:

    • JustBuyEssay has saved my life! I’m a single mom, and in my last year of college, so handling all my assignments can tend to be challenging. I heard about this service from a friend, so I decided to use it and haven’t looked back ever since! I’m doing well in school, and because I’m not stressed all the time, I can sleep and attend all my classes the next day too.
    • I worked my hardest in school but would always perform poorly; I don’t know why. I decided to give this service a try and provided the writer with one of my drafts. They edited the whole thing thoroughly, which allowed me to realize everywhere I went wrong! Needless to say, I got a great grade on that assignment.

    JustBuyEssay’s services are top-notch. Most first-time users found it easy to place their orders thanks to the website’s interface. All essays to come out of this service have been of stellar quality, matching academic standards.

    The website also has an option for urgent assignments within a 6-hour deadline, and we’ve never heard of them missing out on a deadline! The service is known for being punctual. The website also allows you to keep in touch with your writer so you can remain informed of the writing process.

    The service has a success rate of delivering excellent quality work. If clients suspect any mistake, they can ask for a revision to be made. You can order as many revisions as you want until you are satisfied with the work.

    JustBuyEssay’s work also does not come out as plagiarized. The company is very strict about their plagiarism policy, and they ensure correct referencing is done in all work sent to clients. The site’s customer service team also responds to complaints within 5-6 minutes.

    JustBuyEssay has a dedicated and loyal clientele owing to the positive experiences of the customers and optimistic reviews from other websites.  The professionalism and customer service of this service excel.

    Delivery from JustBuyEssay

    We received the paper on time without any delays. It shows that 3 days were enough for the company to prepare the work before the deadline. Although we don’t know what happens with hot orders with the deadline of 6 hours, we can say that the average timing is met well.


    • Website. A simple interface, availability of urgent order from 6 hours, the ability to specify all the main details of the work.
    • Quality of service – justbuyessay review. Good quality, students can get a mark A.
    • Delivery. Online service provides work without delay.
    • Discounts. The service offers a good discount system for its regular customers.



    • Quality of service. The quality of work and service directly depends on who is the executor.
    • Reviews. Real customers have no opportunity to leave a review, most likely available reviews on the site fake.
    • High prices. Prices are higher than average, for the urgent orders the price is too high.

    My Verdict

    JustBuyEssay does not compromise on performance. The website is extremely customer friendly. You can also have direct contact with the writer, a full refund in case of any unresolved issue, and unlimited revisions along with additional free services.

    JustBuyEssay also provides papers of professional quality. With a stellar reputation for providing quality work on time, this service can help students that are struggling to do well in academics. It’s not always easy to balance all different aspects of life. Luckily, JustBuyEssay is there to help us along the way.


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