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    I have always been a hardworking student, so my assignments have been among the best ones when it comes to grammar, spelling, and content on my essay review service. But everyone has probably had this period in their lives when what has been the most important someday, now is slowly receding into the background. I know it for a fact because that is what’s happened to me.

    I am so overwhelmed with other things these days, that I have no time for checking and editing my assignments. So, a few days ago I came across a few writing services specializing in proofreading and editing. I have checked Essay One Day reviews and Kibin reviews in order to know which editing service to choose. Having conducted a small investigation, I decided on Kibin editing service, and here is my Kibin review. is one of the editing and proofreading writing services which offer its helping hand to students. Professional editors take a look at your work, and if there are any mistakes in grammar, lexis, punctuation or spelling, they will correct it. In addition, experts do not just correct some spelling or grammar mistakes but work thoroughly on improving your paper in general. Such services are extremely convenient for students, especially for those, who besides studying at college, have to earn their living.

    Sometimes you think that your paper looks dull and does not meet the requirements of academic level, while in reality, it is totally fine. The only thing you need is to have somebody who will give a review and make some remarks. If you don’t have anybody who has a clue about checking and editing papers, then make use of such services. Of course, it is not free of charge, as proofreaders spend their time and make efforts in order to deliver a paper of high quality. On the other side, you may take a risk and use some services such as Grammarly, which has a free version. However, if you decide to pick another version, ask first: “Isn’t Grammarly scam service charging people without any notice and necessity?”


    Service & Design of Kibin

    There is no need to say that the first thing that I noticed, when I visited the web page of this service, was its design. Honestly, I  would not say I was under the strong impression, but considering the promises it gave to its customers, I decided to use this service. I also mentioned in Samedayessay review but decided to stop at Kibin.

    First of all, the design is simple and not that attractive. However, everything is understandable, and all the information is clearly presented.  The website is easy and quick to operate.

    Speaking of services, it has three types of them. You can send your assignment for editing, which means that you will receive it academically corrected and edited. The second type of service provides you with a great variety of essay examples. The database contains more than half a million essay examples, which is very helpful for students when they run out of ideas and topics for their assignments. It helps to brainstorm topics and refresh your mind. The last thing it has to offer is a thesis builder. The service has some special tools that help you to create your thesis bit by bit.

    When it comes to the ordering process, you may either drop your file, and the service will calculate the number of words, or enter the number of words on your own. Then goes the payment option, where you enter a credit card information. However, bear in mind, that you are not able to receive your money back after you’ve done the payment. Besides, it also necessary to remember, that the access to the service is not free and you will be charged either monthly or yearly.

    The next point to take into consideration is customer support. It does not seem that the service takes care of their customers and is ready to answer questions quickly or solve any problems if there are ones. You can contact the support with the help of email, but it will take you a few days or even weeks to get the reply.

    Price & Discounts on Kibin

    As it’s been mentioned before, you are not able to use any of the services this website provides until you pay for a month or year access. That is necessary even if you do not make any order. To be honest, I did not expect prices to be so high. It mainly depends on the time when the paper should be done and the number of words it contains. It has its price list for a one-page essay, which is 275 words. If your deadline is 3 hours, then it will cost you $13,61. In case you have some more time, then no matter whether it is 6 hours or 72 hours, the price will be the same at $11.

    That is not the thing every student can afford. By the way, there are a lot of other editing services with skilled editors and proofreaders, who do the same work, but for a lower payment. So there is a high probability that its business rivals will outearn this service.

    Unfortunately, I have not received any discount for the first order. This web page does not have any special offers for new customers. And I have no idea whether they offer any discounts to their loyal customers. Even though I have come across lots of Kibin essay reviews, none of these has mentioned such information. That is one more minus of the web site.

    Another thing is that I was not able to find any information about the refund system. While many other writing services guarantee money back in case they fail to meet your requirements, this makes no warranty.

    Quality of Writing of Kibin

    The quality of writing is definitely the most important aspect to be taken into consideration every customer. Everyone wants to receive kibin essays of top quality and without any mistakes. Besides, there is no point to pay money and get the paper which does not meet all the requirements.

    I cannot speak for all customers, but I would like to share my own experience with you. I needed my two-page essay to be checked in 48 hours. I knew that there were a lot of blunders in my text as well as inappropriate words and terms. I hoped that professionals would make my essay more or less readable and no that awkward. To be honest, the paper I got did not meet my expectations at all.

    It seemed to me, that what editors did was only the editing of punctuation and tenses. The sentences do not look so awkward, but still, they could make much more improvements. It looks as if I received some kind of Grammarly scam. I was so disappointed because I paid money and received the thing I did not expect to get.

    I do not discourage you from ordering essays on this web site. The only thing I would like to warn you about is not to expect a paper of amazing quality. Maybe I just was not lucky, but that is what’s happened to me. I would not also suggest ordering editing of such important papers as thesis or diploma.


    Delivery from Kibin

    One more aspect of vital importance is delivery. It is highly respected when the service takes care of its customers and delivers papers on time. Deadlines will not wait for you, so it is necessary to submit papers on time in order to receive high grades. That is why students appreciate the services which do their best to satisfy their clients and deliver papers at its best.

    I have nothing bad to say about the delivery. My editor turned out to be a punctual person and managed to come up with my paper in time.  I have received my essay on time, although it does not influence my grade at all as the quality desires to be better.


    • Huge storage of essay samples. I do really appreciate that this service provides with such a great variety of essay examples. Sometimes you just lack inspiration or ideas, and then this service comes as a helping hand. It helps to find some interesting topics for your paper and brainstorm your mind. However, I would not suggest using these examples as your own because all of them are plagiarized, and it will make no good for you.
    • Fitting stated deadline. Nowadays, everyone knows how much it is important to cope with things on time. Writing services should employ only those workers who are punctual and ready to do their best for their clients. Kibin service may take pride when it comes to on-time delivery. My deadline was in 48 hours, and I received my essay on time without any delays and problems.
    • The option of thesis building. Thesis building is quite a time and effort consuming process. This service has a perfect option for those who face it quite challenging. It helps you to build your thesis bit by bit. You don’t have to sit long hours trying to create your thesis. Just turn to this service, and it will assist you in it.


    • High prices. The prices are not reasonable at all. Not any student can afford to pay such a sum of money for editing and proofreading. They would rather spend their night on improving the paper rather than spend money on such poor quality. There are plenty of websites which offer the same service for the lower payment.
    • No money refund. One more flaw of Kibin is that there is no money refund. If you are not satisfied with the paper they have delivered to you, you may ask to correct it again, but for additional payment. It is not convenient at all. Furthermore, as there are some problems with customer support service, you may end up waiting weeks and months for their reply.
    • Poor quality. That is probably the thing that disappointed me the most. I did not pay money for receiving a poor quality essay. I hoped that this service appreciated every customer and worked hard so that no to spell troubles for them. I have trusted this service and instead received a Grammarly scam. There is no editing of the whole text. Only separate sentences, phrases or words. So, even though the words may be changes, the general picture still does not look good. That is a shame.
    • No writing service. Next disadvantage is the absence of writing services. The website can offer only proofreading and editing of papers. It would be really great if there were also writers who specialize in various fields and are ready to create unique essays for us. It would be beneficial not only for customers but also for the service, as there are much more students who cannot accomplish their home assignments and need somebody to do it for them.


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