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    I usually complete my academic tasks on my own. However, this time I had a circumstance that I completely forgot about my essay. There was not much time to write a good one, and there were many other tasks that needed to be done. For the first time in my life, I decided to use outside help. I have long doubted whether I should use such a way. But I realized that I had no other options. Since this was my first experience in ordering such services, I took it very seriously. I think that everyone should act with the same approach.

    So, I began searching for online services that offered a solution to my problem. Honestly, it took enough time to select the appropriate online service. The Internet is replete with various tempting offers. But I decided to approach this issue carefully since I had heard more than once about the unsuccessful experience of other students.

    My choice was on the site I liked this online service because you can immediately see the prices and services that they provide. Also, I discovered that they have been working in this field since 2004. This was a very convincing moment for me because many other companies do not even indicate the date of foundation. The general view of the structure of the site immediately made me understand that making an order is very simple. This highlighted this online service among many others that I considered.


    Service & Design – MasterPapers

    Let’s start with a review of the service and site. As for the services provided, I found a wide range of academic assignments that can be ordered. However, at that time I was only interested in writing an essay in a short time. There is no doubt that every student will be able to find a suitable service for him. I was really surprised by the fact that here you can order not only term peppers, but the web development and even resumes.

    When talking about the design, at first glance, everything seems a little chaotic, perhaps because of the bright colors.  It reminded my Payforessay review. I’m used to more minimal design. However, the very structure of the site is very good, and you can quickly find all the necessary information.

    I didn’t really like the fact that the site has few reviews. Moreover, they look unreal. This made it a bit difficult for me to decide whether to order an essay here. I think it is much better when there are live reviews.

    A distinctive feature of the site from others is that it does not need to spend a lot of time and analyze it to find out the cost of services. At the first opening, on the right, you can select the type of service, terms and find out the cost of the order. In fact, not many sites provide such an opportunity, and you have to dig in to find out the cost.

    I was able to see examples of various assignments for free. By the way, near the example of the task, you can see how much it will cost to complete a similar task. The only thing I didn’t like was the fact that apparently these examples were executed back in 2004. However, if we consider them as an understanding of the level of service, these examples are enough.

    The site has a chat where you can ask questions. However, I did not use it, since everything was clear to me. With an eye to making an order, I needed to fill out a form and indicate the features of my task. After that, I chose a suitable payment method for me. As you can see, the ordering process is still quite simple, and it will hardly raise any questions.

    Price & Discounts on MasterPapers

    With regard to the pricing policy of the company, it all depends on the complexity of the task, and on the timing of the order. I cannot say that the prices are very high, but not the lowest. If you choose not urgent execution, then the prices are quite acceptable. But the prices did not bother me, because usually, they do not offer quality work for low prices. However, let’s talk about quality a little later.

    As for the timing, the online service offers to complete an academic task in an average of 24 hours. I chose a three-day period, as this option was most suitable for me and the price was $21.95 per page. Many would agree that it is possible to find a ready-made essay for such a sum. However, in comparison with other online services selected by me, this price seemed quite acceptable to me. Most of all, I was amazed that you could choose to write an essay in a three-hour period, the cost of which will be $37.95 per page. Many will agree that it is very expensive for one page, but based on the proposed deadline I think it is quite reasonable. Although, I am more than confident, that this deadline does not foreshadow the highest quality and uniqueness. However, it is worth paying attention to this because there are hopeless situations where this option can help a lot.

    This online service offers a discount to its customers, the size of which increases with the volume of work pages. I think that this is very important when ordering dissertations and other volume tasks. I managed to get a discount on my first order of 20%. I think that discounts justify such average prices for services. I looked at information on other existing discounts, as I was wondering what they could offer me if I asked for help in the future.

    If my subsequent order is from 30 to 60 pages, then I can get a discount of 5%. In the case when my task will be from 60 to 120, then the discount will be equal to 10%. A 15% discount can be obtained in the case when the number of pages of the task is more than 120. I think that these are pretty pleasant moments because the cost for such volume of work will not be low. This is especially true of those students who order a dissertation or some part of it.

    There is a mention on the company’s website that if a client has received a work that does not meet the stated requirements and quality, then it can be edited for free. If the client does not submit the work or does not like it at all, the company promises to return the money. As far as this is true, I do not know since I did not have to face this.

    Quality of Writing of MasterPapers

    Now, we turn to the most interesting part of the review. The company’s website notes that all writers and specialists pass an English proficiency test and are native speakers. However, my finished essay suggested the opposite. At first, it really upset me, and I began to worry about whether I could show this essay to my professor.

    I found a few mistakes, albeit not quite critical ones, but still which disproved the fact that my essay was not written by a native speaker. I did not send my essay for editing and correcting these mistakes. I decided that I didn’t want to waste my time, as I could do it on my own.

    Regarding the structure of my essay, everything was arranged according to the college level. This is very pleasing after I found some mistakes in the text.

    The essay included the main idea, a good thesis, the logic of thought and a good conclusion. I cannot say that it was an excellent essay, which the professor will never forget, however not everyone pursues such a goal.

    I think that the quality of the work done depends directly on the performer. Despite the fact that apparently, my writer was not a native speaker, this did not affect quality in a critical way. However, it is worth paying attention to those who do not want to spend time checking their order because such mistakes can cause a number of questions from your professor. On the other hand, I was not very pleased that I pay money and ultimately spend time correcting mistakes.

    I checked the work for uniqueness and to my happiness; there were no problems with it. I was very glad that this essay was not copied from the Internet.

    Based on all of the above, I can summarize the quality of writing. I believe that the quality depends directly on who will fulfill your order. However, I was satisfied with the finished work, and it eventually brought me a positive mark. Take note that it is better to double-check your order for errors and plagiarism, as the online service guarantees a 100% refund for poor-quality work. Fortunately, I did not have to face this item.

    The quality of writing is quite expected for such situations when there is no opportunity to perform the task independently. It is difficult to judge only one completed work, but I believe that more serious mistakes are not allowed here. I want to note the fact that those students who do not chase the highest possible mark can safely contact here.

    Delivery from MasterPapers

    So, the deadline for completing my order came to an end. I remind you that this online service should have completed the order within 3 days. Since I first used such services, I decided to play it safe and leave at least a day in reserve, since time allowed me to do this. I did not recall the dates of my order and did not even ask when they would give it to me. In conclusion, I received my essay according to the agreed terms.




    • Understandable design. It’s very easy to use the site, all the necessary information is available, and the process of order fulfillment is very fast.
    • Many services. The online service offers a wide range of assignments that can be performed.
    • Terms. Some tasks can be obtained even within three hours, mostly during the day.
    • Discounts. At the initial order the big discount is provided, further depends on the number of pages.
    • Delivery. Complete assignments according to the agreed deadlines.



    • Reviews. There are very few reviews on the site, and they look like untruthful.
    • Writers. Not all writers are native speakers.
    • Price. The prices for services are average, with an urgent fulfillment of the order they are significantly increased.
    • Quality. The quality of the assignment depends on the competence of the author.


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