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    Nowadays people and especially students are extremely busy, so they are happy to seize the opportunity not to do at least part of their work themselves. is a website where you can ask somebody to complete your writing assignment instead of you for money. No matter why you do not want to do the assignment by yourself – you have a lot of work or just you are not sure in your writing skills and creativity, the website which you are eager to find must be reliable. Everybody wants to have their work done perfectly especially when a considerable amount of money is paid. So, it is quite important to surf the internet looking for an appropriate online assignment help service.

    During the last year, I had a lot to deal with, and my assignment seemed to be a problem, so I decided to find somebody who can help me. I looked through a lot of websites, and their reviews and my assignment help caught my eye the most. There were a lot of positive reviews, so to my mind, it was a good idea to trust the professionals from my assignment.

    On the website itself, there were a lot of recommendations and useful information, and I thought that it was a website I could rely on. The rate of a website based on reviews is 4.9 stars from five, so I decided that there should be reasons for that, and the staff could be trusted. My assignment help offers a wide range of services and claims that all the staff has high academic skills. Also, you can always consult with an online helper in chat. They also guarantee the best price with discounts and services for all subjects. I have read a lot of my assignment help reviews where there were some negative among positive, but my opinion did not change, and I chose this website.


    Service & Design of Myassignmenthelp

    The first impression made the design. Of course, it is highly appreciated when a company`s website is designed properly. You understand that people are aware of their work and were not idle to spend time or even money to make a website look pleasant. It is also convenient when everything is in order, and it is easy for clients to find everything they need.

    I could not say that the website was designed perfectly. In my opinion, the colors used to draw up the page are awful. I was always convinced that colors must be pleasant for the client`s eyes, but about that design, I would not say so. On the other hand, I like the convenience of the offered information. Everything the most important can be found on the main page, and that is great. You should not surf through the pages wondering where you can find useful data, all needed is here.

    The variety of information given on the main page is amazing. You can read about the staff, their works and see different my assignment help reviews. I appreciate it because you can see if other people found help there. The best thing is that there are buttons on the main page which give you the opportunity to contact the managers and experts of the company. That`s precious, because there are a lot of moments when you have some questions about the work or deadline, and it can be very awkward if there is nobody to consult with.

    The fact that disappointed me was that there is provided 24/7 online help, but when I asked for some support, I was waiting for respond few days. It was very sad, because my deadline was not far away, and I was getting nervous. Unfortunately, the task was not ready before the deadline. Also, there was a problem with the subject of my assignment. The work done was similar to the assignment I asked for, but still, there were some differences. It was unpleasant as it was my final and crucial assignment, so it needed to be perfect. I had to redo it by myself despite the fact that there was a service that provides correction or refund. I did not get any of them. So, it was disappointing as the assignment was done well but not on time and its subject did not meet the target goal.

    Price & Discounts on Myassignmenthelp

    I was over the moon when I saw that the price is not very high and there was a discount of 30%. It is so important for students to catch the opportunity to save some money. But there were not written anywhere what the price was. I was disappointed because it is always convenient to know what you are applying for. I would appreciate it if I could find a price list on the main page. So, I decided to enter for my assignment to help to be more aware of their services.

    When we agreed on all the details of my order, I received the price list. I was really angry to see that except the price of my assignment there were also included additional fees in large amounts. The discount was not calculated. I was forced to write my assignment help one more time and say this. Only after that, I received a discount. So, I was finally pleased waiting for my order.

    As I had mentioned before my assignment was not precise and did not meet my expectations. I asked for it to be fixed or to give me a refund. I was assured that assignment would be redone immediately and everything would be perfect. At first, I did not want it and asked for a refund because it was nearly my deadline, but the writer persuaded me that everything was going to be done on time, so I could be calm. As a result, I received a grammatically incorrect task after the deadline. I was furious. I paid money for the assignment of bad quality which was not done on time. I asked for an immediate refund. Luckily, I received my money and a lot of apologies.

    Quality of writing of Myassignmenthelp

    As my level of English is quite good, I think I can judge the quality of writing. I can say that the content was really interesting and academic, but I have said before that the subject was not the one that asked for. The same experience I got and described it in Assignmentmasters review. It was a real pity as the material was written so well, but it could not be presented as the target task was different. Maybe the quality of writing was enough for the price, but I could not be precise because of that bad mistake. If only my task had been understood correctly.

    The real disappointment was the availability of loads of grammatical mistakes. In contrast, with the content, grammar was awful. It seemed that the person who wrote my assignment was not good at English. How can it be possible? I believed that the staff consisted of native speakers and then I received an assignment with many grammatical mistakes. It is a bit outrageous, as I paid money for my task to be done perfectly and then I understood that I myself could have done better.

    I strongly believe that it was just a mistake and there work only native speakers as it is written on their website. It should be so; no customer does not want to be deceived and to receive the bad result. If we pay money, we want the work to be done perfectly.

    Delivery from Myassignmenthelp

    I am a student, so it is crucial for me to have everything done on time. I made an order in advance to be sure that I would be able to hand in the assignment before the deadline. I am sure that for other students and also people who work in some business companies meeting the expectation of managers is highly important. But all of us are people, so I decided to make an order far from the deadline. I was very happy to have my assignment done early, but when I saw the mistake, I was forced to ask for some more help. I was not as nervous as the previous work was sent to me very quickly, so I calmly waited. When there remained just a few days to the deadline, I commenced worrying. I wrote to the performer of my task but got no response. Then I decided to turn to online help. They assured me that everything would be done soon and there is no need of getting nervous. But that was not true, I did not receive my assignment before the deadline, and as a result, I did not receive it at all because I asked for a refund. It was a bit strange because the first task was sent in a while, so I was surprised when there appeared a problem with corrections and delivery. Maybe the subject of my assignment was too hard, and there were not appropriate sources of information for it.



    • Convenient design. I had a lot of mixed feelings considering the pros and cons of On the one hand, the design of their website is extremely convenient, and everything you need can be easily found on the main page. The staff is very polite and eager to help. They are always ready to consult you and do their best to help to solve your problem. It was pleasant to understand that you are not alone with your assignment and not the only person to care.
    • How agreeable is to see the discount on the main page. It is always an alleviation when you understand that you are going to pay less than you expected, no matter how much less.
    • The high quality of writing. A good impression also made the quality of writing. The assignment was so absorbing that I forgot I was reading academic writing. It was clearly seen that the material was written by a professional who was aware of what is going on.
    • Meeting the deadline. Of course, on time delivery is one of the most significant moments of the writing industry. No one wants to fail their presentations, so they expect to receive their assignments before the deadline, especially when they pay for it. And I was happy to receive mine.


    • Unpleasant design. On the other hand, there were a number of negative aspects. Firstly, the design of the website is a bit ugly, and there is no price list on the main page.
    • Hard to contact. Sometimes it was hard to get the response from working staff, even in very important moments. That is disappointing as it is said that they are working 24/7, and my previous message was answered immediately even at midnight.
    • Additional fees. Secondly, I was surprised when I saw the price. It was a bit higher than I expected and without any discounts. I received the expected price only after contacting the staffing company.
    • One more shocking moment was when I realized that my assignment is grammatically incorrect. I did not expect to see so many grammatical mistakes in the assignment which is said to have been done by a native speaker. I am sure there was a mistake.
    • Correction at the wrong time. Finally, the most disappointing was not to receive a fixed assignment before the deadline. It is the saddest moment as there were no option to present it on the other day.



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