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    It is an online writing service for students. The essay is the most well-known writing work that is familiar to every student. Everyone has to write some task several times. Writing an essay is one of the most difficult tasks that students face. It is required to state your own opinion on a particular issue so that the scientific nature of the work is preserved. In fact, the author of the essay has to balance on the thin line between the artistic and scientific style of presentation. In addition, this type of assignment does not allow borrowing from books, Internet sources, periodicals, etc. Only direct quotes are allowed and in very small quantities. Because of these limitations, small work (3-5 pages of printed text) often causes students no less difficulty than a term paper or degree paper. It is clear that writing any student’s task requires a lot of time and effort. One of the reason is that to create a good work you need to gather a large amount of reliable information. Thus, many students decide to order finished work. There is nothing bad in this choice. Thanks to such service as nerdy mates review, any student can see how essay or any other writing task should be written and what requirements it fulfils.

    The question of the need to purchase a task or not disappears with the start of the student’s session. During this period, the student has to prepare a lot of independent material, which will be an indicator that he has persistently gained knowledge over the entire semester and now ready to demonstrate it. That is why I decided to write this review to tell you about my experience with this service.


    Service & Design – Nerdymates

    When I found their web page, I was pleasantly surprised. It looks very professional and lovely. I have to say, that Essayshark review has a big competitor in design. I was able to find all the information about them without any help. It is better to sign in. You will have a personal dashboard where you can submit comments and get answers. Besides, any time you can contact the support team via phone, by email or in a live chat on a web page. However, you can wait for an answer for some time. I have to say, that has a big competition

    To order an analytical essay I filled out an online application form, then proceeded with the payment. In some hours service found the most acceptable writer for me. When my task was finished, it was sent to my email. My teacher looked it through and sent me back the essay review, and it was positive.

    Price & Discounts of Nerdymates

    Their prices don’t depend on the theme of the essay. It can be even any expository essay topics or rhetorical analysis essay. Doesn’t matter. First of all, prices depend on the type of work: whether it is creative writing, proofreading or presentation. Secondly, it counts a deadline. The more days are given for writing, the cheaper work. There are situations when the material needs to be written very urgently. Then, they take into consideration how many pages are needed. And last—academic level. It can be high school, college, university, PhD. In general, you can find a cheaper service. But I think it also depends on the quality of the paper. However, for returning clients, they have discounts. Besides, if you won’t be satisfied with the work, they promise 100% money guarantee.

    Quality Of Writing by Nerdymates

    The quality of my essay was medium. But you need to keep in mind, that before accepting a paper, the teacher returns it once or twice for revision and you need to be ready for this. It depends on the type of task. For example, when the teacher returns the coursework for revision— no need to despair. A teacher always has his/her own opinion on a given topic, and he/she may not coincide with yours. You may be asked to increase or decrease the volume of some sections, correct the design, add data, and conduct additional analysis. If you need to write just an informative essay, so it probably won’t be returned to you by your teacher. Nerdy mates accompanied the work until the day it was defended, which I indicated at the beginning of our coworking. All edits, adjustments, and improvements made to the point they did for free (in accordance with the requirements originally specified in the order).


    Delivery from Nerdymates

    The finished essay was sent to my email. It was also in access on their web page on my account. The writer can also leave a note there if there is any additional information for you. The delivery of the work is, as usual, nothing special. Anyway, they sent me to work on time, and it is a huge plus for service. This is due to the fact that you will have guarantees that the work will be prepared in time and in accordance with the established regulations, and will be adequately presented to the teacher. The fact is, in large writing companies of this kind there is a fairly wide staff, each of which has a certain level of knowledge in a particular area. Therefore, the correct decision is to apply to the company if you’ll need help!



    • Customer support 24/7. In the case of having trouble with some information, there is live chat available.
    • Customer satisfaction guaranteed. They promise customer satisfaction and if you won’t be satisfied with the work, they promise 100% money guarantee.
    • Free adjustments and improvements. If your teacher gives you the paperback, all adjustments and improvements will be made free of charge.



    • Medium quality. The regular quality of the assignments performed is medium.
    • Bad reputation. According to many reviews, the papers were far from being perfect.
    • No SMS notifications. They provide the customer only with e-mail notifications.


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