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What is Speedypaper.com

Writing an essay is a task that quite often students and schoolchildren get to test knowledge in various subjects. Also, sometimes when applying for a job, it is required to write a short essay on a specific topic. This is done so that the reader of the work could understand what type of personality the author of the essay possesses, as well as how broad his or her outlook is. It would seem that the amount of work is quite small, on average, about 5,000 words, but it is very difficult to do it qualitatively. The fact is that due to the small volume of the essay it is impossible to consider broad issues, the topic is always specific, rather narrow. Essay implies a lack of plagiarism and borrowing from books, online sources, periodicals, and any other sources. There must be only our thoughts. It is clear that the writing of any student assignment requires a lot of time and effort, but, like writing an essay, anything does not take the energy in such size, especially when you have a job. But, fortunately, the world does not stand still, and you can always something come up. To date, there are a huge number of online essay writing services that can do this quickly and efficiently.

When I learned that I had to write an essay on philosophy in one evening, there was no limit to my horror. Not only I hated this subject, but I understood that there was no time for preparation at all and as a result, I will get 0 points for this task. And here, my classmate advised me to contact one of the popular essay services and dropped the link to Speedypaper.com.

Speedypaper.com is an online student service with a wide range of services. Here, you can not only get help with writing essays, coursework and descriptions, as well, but the authors of Speedypaper.com can also help with a review of books, creating presentations, business plans resume, receiving documents and so on.

The authors of the service write the works of five academic levels, including High School, Undergraduate, Master, Ph.D., and Admissions. The time of writing can be chosen individually, depending on the urgency of the work. Minimal time of writing of the work is 6 hours. It was exactly what I needed. As a rule, the minimum time to complete order was from 24 hours. This was probably the deciding factor that made me choose this service.


Service & Design of SpeedyPaper

First of all, when you enter the site, you will pay attention to the service and design. As for this site, I would say that the design leaves a rather pleasant impression. The site is very convenient and easy to use. It has an inconspicuous, unobtrusive design that does not distract from anything; the site also has simple navigation and a logical, user-friendly structure, the fonts are quite large, the colors are combined with each other and with a common visual concept. Among the advantages, I would also highlight the fact that the site is not overloaded with pictures and graphics, which is good news.

All the necessary and most important information is available on the main page. This page describes in detail the services implemented by the service. At the top of the page, there is an online calculator, thanks to which you can immediately calculate the cost. It is necessary only to clarify some details.

Below are described the merits of the company and the button for quick order. Scrolling a little lower describes the process of work, and there are even video reviews. Also on the main page of the site, there is information with everything and possible payment methods, including American Express, MasterCard, PayPal, Visa, Diners Club International, and JCB.

Below is a link in which you can specify your phone number for a quick call if you have any urgent questions. On the same page, you can read reviews and get acquainted with the full list of all services.

And most importantly, when you browse the site, wherever you are, at any time you can go to the chat dialog box on the main page or on Facebook Messenger, which is very convenient.

But thanks to a well-designed site structure, I managed to find all the necessary information on my own.

Price & Discounts on SpeedyPaper

With regard to prices everything is relatively democratic, but as for me, slightly expensive. The final cost for the work depends on its volume, theme, deadlines, and requirements for uniqueness. But the minimum cost for writing one page of an essay ranges from $9 to $34, depending on the academic level. As I wrote, on the main page there is an online calculator that allows you to calculate the value of your work. In order to find out the price, you need to fill in the form of preliminary assessment, namely the academic level, paper type, deadline and number of pages. Then you can find out the value of your work.

Also, if you click on the “Price” button at the bottom of the main page, a window opens with a table showing the price per page depending on the academic level, deadline, and type of assignment. If, for example, rewriting is needed, rather than writing a task from scratch, the price will be lower. In my case, writing an essay from scratch from 5 sheets in 6 hours was estimated in $115.

As for discounts, the company does not provide them. But, when paying for an essay, there is a window for a promotional code that allows you to get a 10% discount on writing your first work.

Sometimes, in honor of holidays, various kinds of discounts are also made. So, for example, on Black Friday there was a 60% discount on writing any work by the TOP writer! So for the holidays, you can save a little.

Quality Of Writing of SpeedyPaper

Now, after I have already received the essay and grade A, I can say that in general it is not bad. Almost all my wishes were taken into account, with the exception of one trifle, but more on that later. I’ll start with plagiarism. When I was browsing the site, it was stated there that the authors write works that are free from plagiarism, all their works are unique and have no analogs on the Internet. I should have had a uniqueness of at least 90%. I can’t imagine how this can be done, but when I checked the work through several services that allow checking the text for the absence of plagiarism, the screen showed at least 92%. And this is despite the fact that on the instructions of my philosophy teacher I had to use 3 quotes or 3 aphorisms confirming my opinion. As for the work style, it was also taken into account. My teacher loves when we use complex speech patterns using metaphors and other figures of speech. Logically, the essay was also well-structured, with all the necessary evidence and theses. As for literacy and the presence of errors, then I would put 8 balls out of 10 because it is not so good. I understand that some authors have English as a second language, but this is why there must be people who check work not only for plagiarism and style but also for spelling and punctuation errors. Though not everywhere, throughout the text, occasionally there were typos and incorrect punctuation marks, which puzzled me a little. I sent the work to revision and literally within 20 minutes I corrected all the shortcomings, and by the way, absolutely free.

But in the end, the teacher noted that the topic of the essay is quite well-disclosed. And to hear this from our teacher is beyond praise.

Delivery from SpeedyPaper

Since there was a lot of work, and I found out about it just the day before, the most important point in my case was the readiness of the task. Frankly, I was very worried because I had to pass an essay early in the morning, and I only had 7 hours before my work, and this was my first experience with Speedypaper.com. And also, my philosophy teacher is one of those people for whom punctuality is crucial. A deadline failure could have very adverse consequences for my studies. Consequently, the time of job readiness was also critically important for me, as, incidentally, for all students who faced a similar problem.

After I filled out the order form, described all the necessary requirements for the assignment and paid for the work, I received a finished essay for 5 hours, and, as I wrote above, it took another 20 minutes to correct some errors. That is, the work even taking into account the rework came a little earlier than I expected. There was no limit to my happiness and relief.

The essay was sent to me by e-mail, as well as; there was an opportunity to enter my personal account on the site and download it from there.

Delivery I would attribute to the strengths of the company.

By the way, when I had questions about work, I managed to use the live chat window. To my surprise, there was no limit when literally for a minute I managed to read the answer. Therefore, I would say that the name Speedypaper is completely true. Their papers are really Speedy.

Pros & Cons


  1. Work 24/7

Fortunately, the service provides professional assistance around the clock and seven days a week, which allows solving some urgent issues. In addition, it is possible almost instantly to contact customer support via mail, a dialog box directly on the site, in the Facebook messenger and by phone. There is more than enough choice.

  1. Quick task execution

The most critical thing in a student’s life is the lack of time. And this is great happiness when there is an opportunity to appeal to people, and most importantly, to professionals who can help you. In Speedypaper.com can save you from imminent studying coma and fulfill any order urgently. True, the cost will be higher than for normal work without a burning deadline.

  1. Quick response to comments

When I had questions regarding the revision of my essay, my question was answered almost instantly, and the problem was solved in 20 minutes. Perhaps this is due to the fact that there were not so many mistakes, but nevertheless, everything was done on time.

  1. Free revision

In the case when an already written essay needs to be corrected, the author will do it absolutely free, as happened with me.

  1. High level of uniqueness

Good work is not only compliance with the design standards, the relevance of the questions posed in work, a competent, logical and structured presentation of the answers to them. But of course, this is the uniqueness of work and the lack of borrowing from the Internet or other works. When an essay writing company complies with a high level of uniqueness, this is, of course, a huge plus, especially when the teacher has strict requirements for the originality of the work. And then, if you need a good estimate, 80% of originality will be small.

I got a job with the originality of 93%.

  1. High quality

If you do not pay attention to punctuation and spelling errors in some places, then from the point of view of meaning, logic design and structure, the work was done quite qualitatively, which was even noted by my philosophy teacher.

  1. Teacher requirements are taken into account.

In my essay, I had to use at least 3 quotes or metaphors to support my point of view; moreover, I needed to write an essay in stilted language to satisfy the demands of my teacher. The authors of Speedypaper took into account all my wishes and wrote an essay with all the necessary nuances.

  1. Ability to control order fulfillment

If you have a deal with an essay writing service for the first time, time is short, and you are very worried about whether you have time for all this, it will be a great decision to add the ability to monitor order execution. To do this, just need to go to your personal account.

  1. Convenience of payment

To pay for your order at Speedypaper.com, you can use any convenient electronic services, including PayPal, Visa, etc. This is very convenient, especially when you are in a completely different city.

  1. Refund

What else bribed me is that if the quality of work does not suit me, I will be able to return the money spent in full.


  1. Grammar and punctuation errors

As I already wrote earlier, the presence of grammatical and punctual errors made me a little upset, since this should not be, especially when “High quality papers” are written on the website page. It is good that I had the opportunity to re-read the essay and there was time for revision. And if not, I could have difficulties.

  1. High cost

Compared to other essay writing services, the cost is higher. 115 dollars for 5 pages lightly hit the wallet.

  1. No discounts for regular customers

With the high cost of work, except for a one-time discount of 10%, there are no more shares. Although any incentives for regular customers would be at least pleasant.


In general, the Speedypaper.com service is quite decent. I received my positive assessment of the essay; I had free time. Therefore, after the work received and the assessment of my teacher, for quality, speed, site design, service, convenience, I would rate 8 out of 10. The guys, of course, still have room to grow. But the result obtained is definitely better than a sleepless night and 0 points for the task.




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