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    Students usually get confused when academic papers are to be accomplished. The level of stress is rather high in such a difficult situation. It can be explained according to different parameters. First of all, students are frustrated because it is pretty difficult for them to gather ideas to write something. The truth is that some young people do not feel up to writing, they are more eager to manifest speeches or any other forms of academic participation. In this case, it is better to refer to the writing service for assistance. is the web service of writing assistance that possesses itself as a professional on the field of academic sphere. is the writing service which offers assistance in a variety of writing tasks that are ordered in the college, university or any high school. Needless to say that the company boasts of years of experience in the mentioned academic field and its reputation proves to be spread all around the web. The company of writing services was started in 1997 and managed to develop its policy, services, and staff. As far as I understand is a company with an international name due to it’s educated and professional range of writers. As it is advertised, all the writers got MA or Ph.D. degrees which have to prove the company’s potential. After having read so many positive reviews and after monitoring the’s web page, I have gathered all the necessary information and found out a lot of pitfalls of the company which are never spoken about.

    Service and Design – SuperiorPapers

    Understandably, people like an attractive picture which may call high interest and boost confidence while deciding to cooperate with the company or not. The same I had written on Bestcustomwriting review. But in terms of design, a few options have to be paid attention to. Let’s define the quality of web design and its relevance to the services offered by the company.

    Comprehensive service

    The company’s peculiarity is the categorized offer of writing tasks. It is worth mentioning that deals with Writing Service which includes if not all, but many types of essays which are usually demanded, my scientific supervisors. Those, who are willing to connect their life with the academic community even tighter, the company is ready to offer Dissertation Services. Those, who deal with high school, are usually obliged to complete a variety of assignments and is eager to assist even in this case. Undoubtedly, any writing service is obliged to check any assignment thoroughly and edit mistakes or perfect the task to the set standards. Therefore, Editing is also in the range of services offered by

    If you deal with academic papers for the first time and you do not know the difference between the mentioned services, there is available information on the most typical academic writing forms.

    A wide spectrum of academic writing forms

    Needless to say that it is only an advertising trick because I noticed that the writers stick to the classic pattern of dealing with papers. Sometimes it causes a range of troubles for customers since they get not the needed piece of paper. It reflects on poor academic progress. I would like to point out the main writing forms that the writers deal with:

    • essays;
    • term papers;
    • research papers;
    • coursework;
    • reviews;
    • articles;
    • research summaries;
    • presentations etc.

    Easy web page navigation.

    I want to admit that it is pretty easy to find information on the web site of due to clear and modern design. The graphics help to see the clear picture of the company’s services. I adore the color palette which attracts attention. Thanks to the combination of blue and coral it is easy to see the information. The highlighting feature of the options helps to navigate the site easier and faster. There are things each student seeks.

    Lack of live comments.

    I tend to think that comments in a chat help a lot if you want to define the true essence of a company. Before dealing with the company, I tried to find as many comments on the issue as possible. Real feedback, in most cases, is more helpful and informative that a number of reviews. Though, it is worth remembering that subjectivity is a drawback of life commenting. If you wish to get a complete picture of a company, you’d better refer to the web page itself.

    Price and Discounts of SuperiorPapers

    Understandably, there are a number of factors which can influence the price. Speaking about the average pricing system, I must emphasize that is a bit expensive as for a student. Personally, I was a bit confused because of that. For instance, if you are a college student and your purchase is not urgent, just an ordinary one, you are to pay €16.70 for the assignment which you will get in a week. That is pretty much, isn’t it? In order to analyze the pricing system multi-dimensionally, let’s define the key aspects which influence the price.

    The type of paper – a college essay would be evidently cheaper than a dissertation or a coursework assignment.

    Urgency – you will have to double – pay for an assignment which you need to get in 3 hours that for the one – in 3 days.

    The number of pages – it takes more efforts and time to write a dissertation that an ordinary essay.

    Subject area – there are some scientific fields which are unique and not deeply investigated; therefore, it would be much more difficult for the writer to find information.

    The pricing system is categorized, and the company developed three levels of tasks in relation to their prices.

    Standard – this level of assignments can be categorized as not complex. Mostly, essays for high school students are meant. In terms of prices, this level embraces the tasks starting from €19.99– €51.99 per page.

    Premium – research and term papers are counted as complex tasks because the writer has to do a certain investigation. If you choose the premium level, you will have to pay €21.99 – €52.99 per page.

    Platinum – this level embraces the most difficult pieces of writing in the academic field – dissertations. The young scientist – to – be will be charged with €24.99– €57.99 per page.

    I have to emphasize that there is a price Calculator which is available on the web site. It means that you may calculate the price of the task needed. I was confused because of that because I just needed a specific kind of an essay. The sphere or number of pages where optional; therefore, I hesitated a lot because I didn’t know which sphere to opt for. Also, there is a hierarchy of customers: a regular one, a ruby, and a diamond member. This is the way the discounts system is developed. Honestly, it is a bit difficult to understand for a student in a hurry.

    The discounts system is as the following:

    1. The first trial.

    Each person to use the service for the first time is endowed with 20 % discount for the services which are included on the web page.

    1. Returning clients.

    If you have already used the service and decided to continue cooperation, you are cheerfully welcomed back with the discount of 10 – 15 % (honestly, I don’t know how the company decides who is going to get 10 % and who 15 %; don’t you think it’s an advertising trick? Because I do).

    1. A Ruby or Diamond membership.

    These types of discounts ensure that any time you use the service, you will get a certain discount, but its sum is also a secret. I suggest that this policy of membership hierarchy is not well – developed.

    1. Free option from

    I noticed that the company wanted to elaborate a wider circle of customers and; therefore, they have decided to have some out – of – charge services. As a customer, I like such compromising things since it attracts attention. So, if you deal with you are the one to get such valuable free options:

    • free title;
    • outline;
    • formatting;

    Moreover, the company claims that if you are not satisfied with the final task, you are assured to get free revision and editing. It is a tricky issue because a client’s dissatisfaction is a subjective question and sometimes the writers play with it and claim that from ‘their side’ everything is correct. So, the customer ends up being cheated and provoked.

    Quality of Writing by SuperiorPapers

    I doubt the high quality of papers which are offered by the company because a human factor plays an important role in getting a professional piece of paper. If an order is urgent, you’d better be ready to face a number of grammatical mistakes. Everything which is done in a hurry lacks professionalism. The fact is that the company claims to proofread pieces of writing on a regular basis. In customer – writing service relationships, the first is responsible for the result since the customer has to manage the process, supply the writer with all the necessary information. The more these subjects cooperate, the better the quality of the piece of writing is predicted.

    In terms of plagiarism, I faced no problems because I got a paper with a high percentage of uniqueness. It is impossible to write a dissertation not relying on a specific study of another author. Therefore, I claim it is a falsehood for the company to possess itself as 100 % plagiarism free service.

    A lot of students claim that it is difficult to get a good quality essay because there is a lot of rewriting services on the Internet and there is fear of getting an imperfect piece of writing. Writing and rewriting services differ and when a student seeks for help, he has to measure which one he or she wants to get. It is advisable to do a survey on a number of online services and after that define which one appeals to you.

    Delivery from SuperiorPapers

    When I started to order an essay I had to fill in a form where it is necessary to mention the deadline or the willing date of getting the task. Many reviews on claim that the company guarantees on-time delivery and it catches customers’ attention. I was also satisfied with the delivery, but I suppose that 80 % of the perfection of my essay depended straight on me since I had to manage the process. I suppose the writer didn’t postpone due to my help and control of the process of writing. It is important to remember that the success of on-time delivery depends on the measures which you have resorted to while ordering the task. If you set the deadline two or three days in advance, you will definitely get rid of the worries of late receiving the task.



    • Impeccable reputation. The service was established in 1997 and has a perfect reputation till today.
    • Comprehensiveness. It’s organized into four major categories – Writing Service, Dissertation Services, Assignments, and Editing.
    • Good client support policy. They have unlimited support 24/7.



    • The whole spectrum of academic writing forms. Because of writing the whole spectrum of academic writing forms, the service can’t provide you with the best specialists, as they work in too many fields.
    • No money back guarantee. In the case of being not satisfied with the paper, you’ll not get your money back.
    • High-quality papers. They don’t check the paper in the anti-plagiarism program.


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