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    Buying or ordering an essay is a difficult task – are there any good reviews about such companies? Where to order such an assignment? Reviews on writing essays will help in choosing a good abstract company.

    Today, many students choose to order essay writing, as the writing of the work itself takes a lot of time.


    If you buy 1000 word essay or term paper, it will save a lot of time and nerves. But you need to very carefully choose the company-performer, search and compare reviews and positions in the ratings. I hope my review will help you with this question about tutoriage writing service.

    Let’s be honest, many of us love to do all our business at the very last moment. Students are especially susceptible to this, although some tasks or interesting research paper topics are constantly dumped on them, which are then extremely difficult to manage in time without help. It was for such procrastinators that two portals were created: tutoriage review of which will help to get an idea about the quality of work performed and the reliability of these services.  I will tell you about the quality of this service and essay writing tips.

    Service & Design

    You can place an order directly on the official website, where you need to specify your contacts and the type of work you need, or by contacting the phone manager. With each client is a service agreement. For payment, 20 different methods are offered, for example, cash in the office, bank card, electronic money, through the Internet bank. Such payment methods I met on various sites, for example on AffordablePapers.com. When ordering the first work is given a 15 percent discount will cause and effect essay?

    Tutoriage.com is engaged in writing all types of student work: from reports and examinations to term papers and diplomas, so it can be an excellent assistant while studying at a university, especially during a busy sessional period or in case of a shortage of time to complete all tasks during the semester. As with any company, you can find positive and negative feedback about this site.

    This site was advised by a good friend, so we decided to trust him. Placed an order, chose the artist, Forwarded all the money. With that, they need to transfer all the money for the order to them, they are “frozen” there, and only after the order is completed and it suits me, I give all the money to the performer. In words, it sounds encouraging.

    When we placed an order, made a stupid mistake: they wrote that it was a diploma. But in correspondence with the performer, they later stipulated this, sent the training manual, extended the deadlines, agreed on the surcharge and waited.

    He sent something like “finished work,” the research supervisor cast a spell on her, wrote about where to fix something — the performer started to fix something. At the same time, constantly arguing with the supervisor, expressing their opinions (it is asked why; they said that they would fix, correct). Oh yeah, the main point was anti-plagiarism: out of the 70% of the accused, 57% were unique.

    Price & Discounts

    The cost of each thesis, coursework and other types of work performed to order is determined individually depending on the complexity of the topic, volume, and specific requirements of the customer.

    But most of all I was struck by the commissions of the site … All the sites charge commissions, but here it is 140% of the author’s rate…

    I made an order for the essay; my author estimated it in one amount of money, and for me, the sum was highlighted! The server commission was there. I was shocked … On the site where I previously ordered the commission was 30% of the amount … and here everything is 140% …Naturally, no one wants to give money to the site, it is easier for me to go to the author directly and pay him money, or even write it myself.

    But as there is no time to work because of the work of writing, I will order either on trusted sites with an adequate commission or from the authors directly … I will not recommend the site if you are saving your wallet!

    Quality Of Writing

    When you study at the correspondence department, combining everything (family, university, courses) with work, you do not always have enough time to write written works.

    It happened to me; I turned to the master for writing not the whole work, but for completing me three chapters in the course. I had a good study. Analytical essay, all standards are met.

    What did I get from Tutoriage.com?

    1. I paid for the urgency; improvements were needed in a few days. As a result: the time I needed was overdue by two days. And then they told me that I did not pay for any urgency. However, the calculation coefficient was written about it.
    2. Vague methods for improving the existing system are proposed! (Ie the author did not even delve into the essence of my work).
    3. The amount of work could not stand.
    4. I also attached requirements for design standards. They were not counted.
    5. Return money is almost impossible.

    And in conclusion:

    1. Unqualified authors.
    2. The revision had to be made out at night itself (and just wanted to rest and sleep).
    3. Money is not returned.
    4. Claims were not taken into account.
    5. BUT! Managers work well.

    I do not recommend to anyone.



    The deadline for the abstract on the site I indicated at two weeks, all this time I kept in touch with the performers. The first essay was done by the essay editor ahead of time; the work was good without comment, the second executor asked for another week, explaining that the work was difficult, he gave him another week, the executor was silent for a week; on the site apologized, the money was returned.


    • Diversity. The website offers different types of works ranging from home assignments to diplomas.
    • Good support. Managers are welcome and friendly to receive calls and deal with customer’s requests.


    • High prices. The website charges high commissions for placing an order, which equals to 140% rate.
    • Difficulties to get a refund. The client cannot return the money if he is not satisfied with the work.
    • Poor revisions. Writers may fail to correspond to requirements and improve the work based on customer’s request.
    • Bad quality. The company hires unqualified writers who provide poor quality papers and get about 18-20% from the price paid.


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