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    There is a number of ways to complete all university tasks. Some students find it easy to be ready with all of them; however, there are those who strain from hearing about writing. This essay writing service review will come in handy if you want to save your personal time and order any piece of writing. I resort to reading essay reviews since it helps me define what service is the best. I rely on thoughts of the Web student’s community because there are effective pieces of advice among which I came across

    ukessays is an essay writing company which is housed in the UK. It was founded by Barclay Littlewood in 2003 and became one of the leading UK essay writing services. The company claims to be easy to deal with as well as students of different scientific orientations can use the essay review on All kinds of academic papers can be prepared by the stuff of writers. Needless to say, the range of writers varies since there are native and non-native speakers. However, a customer may decide on who he is willing to cooperate with.

    Definitely, the company boasts both with positive and negative UK essay reviews because years of practice on essay writing market have managed to gather students all over the world. Their main intention is to be successful in the university or college without wasting their potential on academic papers.

    Service & Design of UkEssays

    People tend to pay attention to the attractive layout of anything in the world. When it comes to choosing the web page, students would rather opt for a colorful and easy-to-operate site, but not the one with the complicated structure or overloaded with unnecessary information.

    When I happen to choose the website or if I want to find the ukessays review, I pay attention to the contact menu. It is of the utmost importance for the web page to be open to the public. The site places a lot of fields with information on contacting them. Moreover, Live Chat is open to customers, so a student may communicate with others and find answers to urgent questions. The central tab menu discloses all the important aspects of the site. I worried if I could find an appropriate type of writing and I was a bit confused with that. However, the Academic Writing tab dives full information on the types of paper the writers deal with.

    I must notice that the nethermost menu visualize the process of cooperation with the company. There are four steps which a student has to go through in order to get his custom ‘essays uk’. The service offers such types of academic writing for students, as a research paper, book/ movie reviews, admissions essays, article reviews, case studies, term papers, research proposals and that is not the only list of the services the website offers. I doubt if such a wide range of papers is possible to be complete by the only company. I may claim that it is only an advertising trick. By the way, it works! Relying on the service of, I must emphasize that the company places itself as the service with the following advantages:

    • 100% plagiarism free. Students do not have to worry about getting copied material, by the way, it is the thing that I usually pay attention to;
    • Urgent delivery. The company says that you may get the order even in three hours, but that is impossible since the order has to be processed. Moreover, the correctness of the paper may be questioned because, presumably, the essay won’t be proofread.
    • Money back guarantee. It is a beneficial option because if you fail, you are not to be upset. I read comments on an essay writer review, and I wondered what money is usually not given back. Instead of compensation, a student is offered up to 20 % voucher, but I suppose, that once deceived students won’t use the service anymore.
    • Support services 24/7. The company places itself as an international one since there are students all over the world. The time zones are different, and because of the shift of time it is difficult to work from nine – to – five and service all the customers. 24/7 working time allows the writers to keep always in touch with the students’ community. I find this quality of beneficial since, personally, I vote for starting completing any tasks at night. I am more concentrated and motivated when in tranquillity, I suppose; more students support this idea.


    Review of Price & Discounts on UkEssays

    The company is one of broad performance in the academic writing field. It incorporates a wide range of writers all over the world; though, the stuff is supposed to be and advertised to be authentic, that is British. Although, this writing service is not out of charge, there are some non – paid offers for the clients. For instance, the web – site is constantly enriched with new samples on various range of academic papers. I was not acquainted with the essence of a course paper. The worst thing is that I didn’t know even the structure. However, with the help of, I have managed to visualize the scheme on this very type using free of charge’s service compared to (look at my Grabmyessay review).

    It is worth mentioning that there is a wide range of essay writer reviews which state the fact that the company unreservedly tricks its clients. Personally, I didn’t need the return of my money, because the academic paper I ordered was close enough to my expectations. However, I hesitated whether to cooperate with this writing service because I found pretty many negative feedbacks which claimed that there is no actual refund since the customer ordered not a professional piece of writing. Instead of a complete refund, a person got an offer to a voucher; however, it is doubtful that a person who was, to some extent, deceived would be eager to order one more time. If I were that person, I wouldn’t agree to cooperate again.

    One more positive thing is worth mentioning, a lot of students are able to write an academic paper, but they are not sure if all the requirements of this or that paper are met. Hence, such students refer to for proofreading. This service has to be paid. In case you order the complete academic paper, it definitely would be proofread without additional payment.

    On the one hand, there are a lot of bonuses for a client, but their hierarchy is not profoundly composed. Moreover, the interface of a web site does not supply a client with information on discounts; therefore, some people feel left out of the possibility of being endowed with discounts.

    As the company cooperates with a worldwide network of clients, there are a lot of troubles with payment. doesn’t have contracts with all the banks of different countries. That’s why a student faces issues with the overpayment, or he or she loses the chance to pay from home via an online transaction, and a person has to beat queues of unknown banks in order to pay for services. To my way of thinking, the company which possesses the right to be placed on the worldwide arena like the international one has to be more specific with discounts, and it has to diversify the ways of payment.

    Quality of Writing of UkEssays

    As far as I have already mentioned, there are writers all over the world who get the tasks and complete them according to the standards of their countries, but not the customers’ one. This is an enormous drawback of since the quality of academic papers suffers because of that

    My academic supervisor noticed a few grammatical and stylistic mistakes in the paper which I submitted. Under these circumstances, I got terribly surprised because the writer claimed that the paper would be thoroughly proofread by another writer. As I understood later, proofreading is only an advertising hook and this an important element of completing an academic paper is missing.

    Furthermore, in a number of reviews on this service, I noticed that the quality feedback tends to be badly low from point 5 in a rate gets only 1 for quality and 2 for support. Such a hierarchy of the company’s ‘destinations’ worries me a lot. I vote for professionalism in any field of papers. However, people often neglect double – checking. The problem is that writers feel safe and, presumably, due to the company does not require proofreading as the key element; no one pays attention to this. Such a disdainful attitude reflects in poor students accomplishments in the academic sphere. As a result, jeopardizes students’ authority in further academic activity.

    Delivery from UkEssays

    On the one hand, is a writing service of fast performance. Honestly, it is beneficial for students. There are even cases when a customer gets the work done in time. However, everything is not as bright as it seems. Fast delivery does not mean good quality. It means that the company values speed over quality. Such an odd target is not rewarding for customers and, as we see, for the company’s performance in general.

    Understandably, negative feedback always was and would be, but there are too many complaints on delivery, and the company has to change the policy to get rid of point 2 in the rate list of writing services’ quality.

    Moreover, I suggest that it is not correct as well as professional to advertise high – quality delivery since it even worsens the situation with the negative perception by the lion’s share of customers. It is worth highlighting that sometimes students need an urgent essay and they do not have time to start writing. offers help even in this case. The minimum deadline is three hours as it is shown on the web site. I do not think that it is possible to do research and outline the plan together and everything combined with the writing process – only for three hours.

    Theoretically, it is possible, only if you copy someone’s ideas on your paper. Practically, it is impossible if you are intended on ending up with non – cheating in the academic sphere. Therefore, the delivery of academic papers by is doubtful. I would rather write by myself than got a suspicious essay. If only I knew it before ordering. My advice is to double – check reviews when you are willing to order a solid piece of writing.



    • The diversity of academic papers. The customer is secured, to some extent, if he or she cooperates with the service, because there are different types of writings and, sometimes, it is difficult to be acquainted with all of them.
    • 24/7 cooperation. It is beneficial for clients since they always have possibilities to communicate with writers.


    • Lack of professionalism. The absence of a solid proofreading option and non-native writers limit the company’s potential.
    • The absence of standard discounts. Some bonuses are described on the site, but there is no well-structured prize list for the client to be sure that he or she is not cheated.



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