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    According to the last tendency and surveys people like having fun and hanging more than studying. It sounds like not a surprise at all, but wait a minute and read further.  In contrast to the last century, where people tend to study and have fun at the same level. Maybe the desire wasn’t huge, but they did their best to succeed in both ways of life.

    That is why for the modern student each barrier is not a reason to work more, but is the reason to search for help and kick back everything. Honestly, I’m not an exception; since I was born, I was trying to find a more natural way to solve problems. Why should I do something hard, if I can make everything better? That is why, when I entered the university I understood that I wouldn’t die under dozens of books, I will do everything to balance my life.

    At the end of the semester, my professor told us that we have to write an essay. I came back home and started searching for information about my topic, I spent a day, but nothing useful was found. That is why I didn’t wait for a long time and started searching for a site. That is how I have found writemypapers.org.


    Writemypapers.org is a professional company made to write high-qualitative essays, papers, dissertations, surveys. They are oriented on students of colleges and universities hiring only experienced authors and editors.

    They say that they are exceptional ones, and somehow I believed them.

    They write that:

    • They are even more interested in our final grades than we are.
    • They don’t cooperate with writers who are lazy and incompetent.
    • The site never cooperates with writers who can cheat and ignore deadlines.
    • They really worry about the site’s reputation.

    Moreover, they hire writers and teach them how to answer all the requirements of the customer. Also, their system is becoming a perfect day by day as they are using new technological devices and services while writing. In addition, they don’t allow writers to use any other site except the list of ones they have. Write my paper reviews is like a pleasure for me, as I got everything I expected for.

    Service & Design on WriteMyPapers

    Do you know a proverb “first you judge how nice, then you judge how wise”? That was a thing I faced when I opened the site. To be honest, it didn’t impress me at all. I even had a desire to close the tab and find another site to write my papers. Somehow I decided to stay and to read about WriteMyPapers more. What I need to mention is that the quantity of information given there is tremendous. When you open the site, you will be shocked by it. You start reading at one place; then you read another article, then one more and after some time you understand that this is an endless process.

    First time I saw that, I really wanted to choose another site, but suddenly I realized that the amount of information is just a sign that the site was made with soul and by people with high education, who knows what they are talking about. That is why I decided to stay and to make my order exactly with this site. And now I don’t regret because of this decision, and I’m very happy that I decided to stay.

    But first things first, writemypapers.org reviews continue, and I have lots more things to say after my first experience of using this tool and the whole proposition.

    Price & Discounts on WriteMyPapers

    When you visit the site for the first time you pay attention not only on design and the whole service but also on prices and discounts they have and propose. I was agreeably surprised by them. Being a student of the 1st grade, I don’t have much time to study and work at the same time. The only period when I can do that is at night, but at that period of the day I want to sleep, that is why it is not an option.

    If you open a page of writemypapers, you will see that they propose discounts almost every time. Moreover, they have even seasonal discounts. Isn’t it awesome? Also, the price per page is only $11.99, and this is more than 2 dollars less of the average sum throughout the services on the Internet.

    Also, their pricing of various articles has been categorized to include different types and levels of education. They can serve schools, colleges, and universities. Prices offered by Writemypapers.org are based on the level of education and a customer. So that prices are divided into three groups:

    Schools – $9

    College – $11

    University – $16

    Honestly, those prices are low in accordance with other websites and platforms. However, even if we see reasonable prices the website propose and open a very few amounts of categories. I mean, if you are Ph.D. you have no chance to order. Well, maybe they are simply not oriented on that level. But if they were, it would be really powerful and strong, and who knows, maybe the site will appear in the top 5 of Google search.


    Quality Of Writing of WriteMyPaper

    Except for all the requirements we always expect that people will not make us fools, betrayed or cheated. We want to be open-hearted and open-minded. We want to believe that the world is still kind and good. Also, I heard a lot of stories from my friends who once used services like that, and had a very bad experience, a lot of nerves and stress.

    Once my friend ordered a text, paid $100 and started waiting for two weeks while the text will be ready. In two weeks no one answered, in 3 weeks everyone kept silent, and in 4 weeks she saw that the site was deleted. I mentioned to the manager what type of work I need and expect for, what things I want to see in the paper, and wrote each requirement my professor had given for me. So, from my perspective, everything was done correctly and given to the manager.

    As a result, I got paper with all my requirements, with a good amount of citations, descriptions of all main points. I am not even talking about fonts and other tiny details; they were perfect and answered all my requirements.

    Moreover, when I got the full paper and started reading I was so interested in the text, even more, I was somehow involved in the text written there! By the way, I never liked history as a subject, I was always reading it for my pleasure, and as the task was very concrete so that it was one more reason why I decided not to waste time and turn to the service.

    In addition, I understood the topic, the time and the situation that was described there, I felt like the author who wrote the text was a real journalist in the time she described. And who knows, maybe she used a time machine, but I will never discover this.

    But, of course, nothing is perfect, isn’t it? My paper writer reviews didn’t mention several important points, that is why I asked for proofreading and edition. And what do you think happened? They said okay, we would check and improve. They answered without any tiny piece of anger! When I asked the price, they answered, that it is completely free as I have paid for a ready and good paper, and not for something which hasn’t been already done. Honestly, I was so excited that somewhere in depth of my soul I wanted to pay them all my money, as they appeared to be good people.

    Delivery from WriteMyPaper

    When I got a paperback, I was shocked. Not because of the bad quality, but because of the delivery. I have never seen a service like this before and hope I will never see. Because I want to stay a fan only of this service! I can say the same about Sigmaessay.com (more information about this site read in Sigmaessay review).

    We discussed that the deadline of the text is in 14 days. After ten days the representative sent a message on my phone with a text “sorry, that we interrupt you, but the deadline has been changed…” That I saw before opening. In 5 seconds of opening the full message, I started praying for God and fortunately the luck was on my side. The ending was the next “our writer completed the text earlier, so if it’s comfortable for you to get a paper now, then we can do that for you.” Of course, it was comfortable for me! And in 5 minutes I got the ready paper.

    And now, attention, they didn’t ask me money for sending the paper earlier! Can you imagine it? I can really assume that the service works for people, not for money.


    • Affordable prices. Each student can be the user of the service because the prices are really low.


    • Poor design. The interface is not catchy but easy to use.


    1. Don’t use WriteMyPaper! If you want a quality essay writing service then go somewhere else! The writer clearly didn’t understand my subject properly. I could tell clearly that they had just re-written text from the internet as some of the sentences didn’t even make sense! Can’t believe that I actually wasted my money on this awful service – don’t make the same mistake.


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